4 Reasons Why Waxing Your Car Is Important

October 29, 2020

4 Reasons Why Waxing Your Car Is Important

Car wax products play a very crucial role in keeping your car looking brighter and shinier. However, besides these benefits, they also play a critical role in protecting your car’s exterior from harmful polluting agents and harsh weather. They add a layer of protection over your car’s clear coat to protect it from bad weather, salt accumulation, bird droppings, harmful UV rays, industrial pollution, tree sap, and much more.

By not waxing your car regularly, you are giving corrosive agents present in the air and on the road a better chance of damaging your vehicle. Moreover, without wax on your car, these substances become a part of your car’s clear coat and become hard to clean without damaging your car’s paint. Using elbow grease on these particles may cause you to scratch and leave swirl marks on your vehicle.

Sunrise Industrial Cleaners recommend waxing your car every three months with high-end car wax products. Detailed benefits of regularly waxing your car include;

Protection Against Scratches

Sunrise Industrial’s car wax products are made with unique ingredients that allow them to be used as wax-hardeners and shine enhancers. When applied on top of the car’s clear coat of paint, car wax provides a layer of protection.

Without the additional layer, the dirt present on the car, upon scrubbing, grinds into the body and leaves scratches. However, with the car wax layer, the dirt slides off the body instead of grinding into the car’s paint.

Protects The Paint From Exposure

Your car is regularly subjected to harsh weather elements. These weather elements, which include UV rays, dirt particles in the air, road salt, bird droppings, stormy winds, snow, hail, rain, and much more, can damage the paint on your vehicle. This damage happens due to oxidation, which slowly eats away your car’s paint until it begins to separate from its body.

Regularly applying a coat of wax can help protect your vehicle’s body from exposure to these harmful elements. Moreover, just like you use sunscreen to protect your face against sun damage, car wax is used to prevent fading, discoloring, and oxidation of your car’s paint due to sun rays.

Gives Your Car A Long-Lasting Shine

One of the best reasons to have your car regularly waxed by Sunrise Industrial’s car wax products is to make it sparkle, shine, and glow. Having a sparkly, clean car is something that everyone wishes to achieve. And now, with the latest technology, you can get a clean vehicle in just a matter of a few minutes as they are much easier to apply than before.

For example, our Cherry Wax needs to be spread with a polish sponge onto the car in a circular motion. After letting it dry, wipe off with a microfiber towel, soft clean towel, or polish cloth.

Car wax can significantly improve the luster of your car’s paint, making it look shiny, clean, and new as you drive down the road.

Improves Resale Value

If you are like most people, then at some point, you will want to upgrade your car and trade or sell your current vehicle for a new one. While selling your used vehicle, every dealer you will come across will look for certain factors to determine your car’s resale value. However, if you spend a fair amount of your time every month waxing your vehicle, then you will have nothing to worry about, as it will significantly improve your car’s resale value.

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