5 Easy Steps To Apply Car Tire Shine

May 11, 2021

5 Easy Steps To Apply Car Tire Shine

Car detailing involves a variety of steps that are designed to clean, enhance, and protect the appearance of your car. The process includes cleaning different components and treating them with specific car detailing products according to the material they are manufactured. Tires are one of the most important components of any vehicle, which helps it start and stop. Therefore, tire maintenance is vital to ensure the smooth running of your car, and it involves checking air pressure, rotations, and replacement – keeping the sidewalls clean, protected from UV ray exposure, road grime, and contaminants is also important.

Most car owners use tire shine products to achieve this task, producing a high-gloss finish. But what exactly is tire-dressing, and how do you apply it? Read this blog to find out the answer to these:

What is Tire Shine?

Tire shine, also known as tire dressing, is a car detailing product intended to restore the black, rich, and high-gloss appearance of rubber that has faded over time. It is a chemical formula that aims to remove the dirt and grime on your cars’ tires without further damage.

How to Apply Tire Shine Correctly

Clean The Tires Properly

You should remove all dirt, dust, and grime from your car’s tire using suitable cleaning products and equipment. Simply using water to wipe off dirt and mud from the tires might not be sufficient. You need to access all the nooks and crannies to clean the deeply embedded particles. Before starting with car shine, you need to get rid of all the dirt.

Dry Your Tires

Next, absorb excess water from your cars’ tires using a sponge and leave them to air dry. You can apply most shine products to both wet and dry tires. However, it is recommended that you apply tire dressings on dry tires for better results. This way, the product is less likely to sling or drip off.

Apply Tire Shine

Now your tires are all ready for a shine treatment. You need to read the instruction manual that comes with the cleaning product thoroughly before applying it. Some car detailing products require you to use special applicators that come in the packaging. You need to practice caution when using aerosol spray cans to prevent the dressing from getting into the cars’ brakes and causing severe damage. In addition to this, when using a solvent-based shine product, always ensure that you wear protective gloves during product application.

Let Your Tire Shine Sit

If you read the instructions manual carefully, you might find the duration of time that you need to let the shine sit after applying it. However, if there is no time period given, then you should leave it for 10-15 minutes for good measure. Do not use your car during this sitting time so that your time and effort are not wasted.

Wipe Off Excess Tire Shine

If there is extra shine on your tires, you can use a sponge to remove it. Doing so will prevent dirt, dust, and grime from clinging to the cars’ tires. Tires that are cleaned before shine are less likely to have excess product on them as they absorb everything properly.


When using a tire dressing or tire shine product, you must ensure that it doesn’t have alcohol or any agents that might cause damage, such as drying and cracking to the tire and sidewall. You can select from the various high-quality products available on the market while some cheaper ones are also available. Do not get tempted by DIY tire shine formulas such as lemon and castor oil etc., as these can cause more damage than good. Always use good-quality tire shine products to protect your cars’ tires.

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