5 Tips For Washing Your Car In The Summer

July 16, 2021

5 Tips For Washing Your Car In The Summer

Washing your car in sunny weather might seem a bit easier than washing it on a rainy day. However, it has its challenges that you must think about. Car washing on a hot summer day requires you to consider a few factors like the water droplets drying out too quickly and staining your hood.

Below are some essential tips that can help you wash your car in the summer. But, first, let’s discuss the possible implications of washing your car on a hot summer day.

Risks Of Washing Your Car In The Summer

  • Water dries up quickly, which leaves stains on the car’s body
  • You might get tired sooner
  • Certain poor-quality washing products dry up quickly
  • You might get sunburn

Tips For Washing Your Car In The Summer

Use High-Pressure Water

Using high-pressure water is perhaps the most important part of a good car wash in the summer. This is because the soap foam dries up much faster in summer, leaving stains on your vehicle’s body. These stubborn stains are difficult to clean and therefore should be wiped away with high-pressure water as soon as possible.

Water coming out of a power hose will have enough pressure to clean the foam immediately, so there are no stubborn stains left on your car.

Wash Your Car In The Shade

It is good to wash your car in dry weather, but you should avoid washing it directly under the sun. Instead, wash your car in a shady area or when the sun is not directly above you in the sky. This way, there is less chance that your car will get those hard-to-remove water spots all over its body. It is also good to wash your car in the evening or the early morning.

Use Good Quality Washing Products

Your car’s appearance is dependent on which type of products you use to wash and clean it. Using high-quality washing products will give you better results if you want to add shine to your car. Use mild shampoos for your car that are not harmful to its surface. They should have a pH neutral, gentle, and wax friendly formula with quality materials inside to wash and give the shine your car needs.

Different products are available according to the type of vehicle you own. Sunrise Industrial Cleaners have superior industrial-grade car wash products and car wash foamers to deliver the desired results. So get your hands on them by clicking here.

Do One Section At A Time

You might be in a hurry and want to wash your car all at once. But, this is a wrong tactic, especially in summer. Instead, you should focus on one section at a time and wash it off completely. For example, start with the roof of your car or its tires, and then wash the rest of it one section at a time.

Do It Quickly

If you have to wash your car in the summer, do it quickly. Have everything ready from wash mitts, cloths, water buckets, and other essentials to avoid wash delay resulting in stains on the car.

What Should You Consider When Buying Car Wash Products?

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