6 Things To Consider When Buying Industrial Degreasers

January 14, 2021

6 Things To Consider When Buying Industrial Degreasers

Degreasers are powerful cleaning agents that can cut through oil particles, grease, dirt, and grime. They are used for various cleaning purposes and are commonly used in industries to clean floors, metal surfaces, appliances, and equipment. They are also widely used in the automotive industry to clean the vehicles’ interior and exterior.

Why Is It Important To Select The Right Degreaser?

A degreasing agent’s primary purpose is to remove stubborn soil and oil particles from surfaces while avoiding as much wiping and scrubbing as possible. However, choosing the wrong degreaser can unfavorably react with the surface and spoil it. The wrong degreaser can also leave behind residues that attract dirt and contaminants and make the previously cleaned surface dirty more quickly.

For this reason, it is essential to choose the right degreaser according to the cleaning requirements of the object you tend to clean with it. The right degreaser will save you both time and money.

Sunrise Industrial Cleaners offers a large selection of degreasers and other industrial cleaners. Our products, such as Blast Off, Extreme Clean, and Degrease-It, are the best in the market. We also offer environment-friendly degreasers that are completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

Below we mention some of the things that you should consider while buying the right degreaser for your applications.

Cleaning Power

A good rule of thumb is that you select a degreaser that can address your specific cleaning needs. Identifying the cleaning strength you need for your application can narrow down your options as there are several degreasers available in the market with varying strengths and applications.

For example, if you need to clean your walls and floors from varnish, or semi-cured paint, then Varosol or a heavy-duty degreaser such as Extreme Clean is the perfect option. If you need to clean light-gauge metal parts, then choosing a solvent-based degreaser will be the best option.

Solvent Vs. Water-based Degreasers

There are two types of degreasers. Solvent-based degreasers use a solvent as a base to dissolve soil whereas, water-based degreasers primarily use water as a base, but can also use other solvents.

If you need to remove contaminants such as dirt, grime, and grease from different industrial surfaces like equipment, floors, and vehicles, then you should choose high-quality water-based degreasers. If you want to get rid of contaminants like oil, glue, and tar, then you should select solvent-based degreasers that work best on both painted and non-painted surfaces.


Degreases contain highly flammable alcohols and hydrocarbons. Although they help in the cleaning process, they can become dangerous if applied without proper ventilation. Therefore, always check the flashpoint of a degreaser before buying it.

Flashpoint is the lowest temperature at which the liquid produces enough vapor to form a combustible gas. The higher the flashpoint of a degreaser, the less flammable or hazardous it is than degreasers with lower flashpoints.

Plastic/ Rubber Compatibility

More care is needed when cleaning plastic surfaces like various tools or vehicle dashboard or floor mats. A degreaser that is incompatible with plastic can embrittle it, create cracks, and soften the material. Therefore, always test a degreaser before using it extensively on your plastic surface.


It is crucial to keep in mind that the degreaser you choose for your application can affect your business, facility, employees, and environment. This is because industrial degreasing is a critical process and the chemicals used in it are harsh for human health and the environment.

Therefore, when choosing a degreaser, make sure it does not contain Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). HAPs, if inhaled, can cause short-term side effects such as breathing distress, stomach sickness, and dizziness. Continued exposure to them can cause infertility, nerve damage, and cancer.


Picking a biodegradable degreaser will help you save the environment and lower your chemical waste disposal expenses. Our eco-friendly degreasers such as Citrus Clean can effectively remove heavy grease and soil deposits from surfaces.

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