Auto Detailing Products And Methods Explained

May 28, 2020

Auto Detailing Products And Methods Explained

Car detailing is an action that involves a thorough cleaning, refurbishment, and finishing of a vehicle to produce a high-quality polish and cleanliness. In simpler terms, getting your vehicle detailed signifies a top to bottom comprehensive cleaning of your car using specialized car detailing products.

The process of car detailing includes both external and internal cleaning and reconditioning of a vehicle. The primary purpose of this activity is to restore the original paintwork by removing scratches from the vehicle surface. Car wash only helps in removing dirt from the outside and eliminating grime from the inside of a car using a vacuum.

Car detailing, on the other hand, helps in restoring a vehicle to its almost original condition by buffing or polishing every last bit of its imperfection. It goes beyond the usual car wash procedure to make a car look spotlessly clean from both outside and inside.

Unlike car washing, car detailing doesn’t involve utilizing an automated mechanism for cleaning; instead, it requires hand washing by expert detailers. Car detailing consists of two components; exterior detailing and interior detailing.

Exterior Car Detailing

The exterior car detailing includes vacuuming, renovating, and improving the original state of a vehicle’s external parts such as tires, wheels, windows, and other visible components. Industrial cleaning products used to accomplish exterior car detailing include wax, polishes, degreasers, and detergents.

External car detailing is a lot more than just a quick wash of exterior parts of a vehicle. An expert car detailer will make your vehicle gleam and reduce surface scratches by applying a high-quality shielding paint sealant.

The usual exterior car detailing process includes:

Washing and Drying: This method involves spraying the vehicle with specialized, high-powered spray, followed by comprehensive handwashing on car’s rims, glass, door jambs, and all other external surfaces that require cleaning

Claying: A clay bar is utilized to get rid of impurities, marks of overspray, and other residues that can’t be otherwise removed usual detergents

Polishing: Every vehicle loses its shine or polish after some time; therefore, this process is used to restore the original car polish

Sealing: A sealant is applied to give the car a glossy shine. Wax is also used in some cases

Other prominent exterior car detailing services might include engine detailing, trim repainting, headlight polishing, bumper repair, engine pressure cleaning, glass chip repair, and paint touch up.

Interior Car Detailing

The interior car detailing includes cleaning all inner surfaces of a vehicle such as plastics, leather, vinyl, natural fibers, and carbon fiber plastics. Different methods like vacuuming and steam cleaning are utilized to clean the interior cabinet of a vehicle.

Interior car detailing requires a lot more time and effort as compared to exterior detailing. A dirty air exhaust system spreads different types of allergens inside the cabin, grit and stain cause failure of the switches, and foggy windows can obscure a driver’s view.

The usual interior car detailing process includes:

Vacuuming: This technique includes vacuuming seats, shelves, headliners, trunk, and rear cargo area

Brushing and Steam Cleaning: This method is used to clean mats and carpets, which are scrubbed thoroughly to eliminate accumulated dirt and stains

Glass Cleaning: A glass cleaner is utilized to clean the glass surface to maintain its gleaming appearance

Leather Trimming: A leather cleaner, leather soap, and saddle soap are utilized to clean all leather surfaces

Re-Vacuuming and Wiping: Any dust left in the internal cabin is removed with re-vacuuming. Windows and dashboard are wiped clean using a cleaning detergent to restore car’s original shine

Perfuming: A deodorant is utilized inside a car to leave it with a pleasant scent

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