Basic Guide For Car Detailing

February 14, 2020

Basic Guide For Car Detailing

Most of us have a good understanding of how the car detailing process works, which is also known as deep cleaning your automobile. We would like to discuss the basics here, so you can better understand the concept, and shop for your car detailing products accordingly. The concept of car detailing actually started off in the US, where vintage cars were restored to their former glory. The concept became such a hit that today millions of people across the world detail their car on a regular basis.

Detailing Process

Vehicle detailing is a set of techniques and processes aimed at cleaning, rejuvenating and protecting your vehicle. The use of appropriate techniques, processes and products makes the difference between a simple vehicle wash and detailing with a true showroom finish or readying your car for an exhibition.

Removing dirt is a relatively easy process as it only requires water, soap and some patience. Now on the other hand, if you’re looking for a super clean finish and showroom like presentation for your vehicle, then you may wish to do a full detail. Detailing requires a lot more time, materials and technique.

Protection Of Your Car

Vehicle rejuvenation refers to the recovery of the showroom finish of your car again by utilizing different processes depending on the type of surface, from the polishing of the paint to the nourishment of leather seats, tires the engine and more.

Protection is always the last step as it aims to eliminate or reduce the deterioration caused by the passage of time and environmental conditions on different surfaces. For example, the waxing of the paint prevents oxidation, the conditioning of seats prevents dehydration and cracking of the skin and the conditioning of tires keeps them nourished and protected against external agents while maintaining their appearance. Detailing is a process which is always evolving.

Car Detailing Evolution

Frequently new products arise with new applications, new tools, and new accessories. For example, not long ago cotton was considered the best material, but lately, microfiber has been imposed as a fabric with superior cleaning characteristics for all types of uses.

In the US there has always been a cult of car enthusiasts and therefore the need to compete for who has the fastest, most luxurious car, and of course the cleanest car. Initially, it started with classic cars, and gradually it spread to the rest. Thanks to modern technologies and especially the internet, the flow of information and trends in car care are growing faster to the rest of the world.

Some Reasons For Detailing Your Car

  • Personal satisfaction for maintaining your asset
  • Increase the economic value of your car
  • Aesthetic recovery of your car
  • Ensure better conservation of your car and its materials for the long run
  • Protecting it from aggressive weather conditions such as UltraViolet rays, acid rain, pollutants etc.

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