Benefits Of Car Wash Foamers

January 28, 2020

Benefits Of Car Wash Foamers

Industrial car wash soaps are often concentrated with chemicals that make them hazardous to users and vehicles alike. Regular usage of such harsh chemical-based soaps can lead to skin problems for people and slowly corrode the paint off your vehicles. This is why many professional car wash services use conditioners that tone down these severe chemicals, however, the cost of the car wash increases for the consumers. This is where the significance of car wash foamers becomes evident. Car wash foamers are a pressurized mixture of car shampoo or soap with water which is applied as a pre-wash treatment on vehicles.

Car wash foamers have become a one-stop solution for cleaning your vehicles safely, read on to know about their benefits.

Easy To Use

Car wash foamers are really easy to use, they can be easily mixed in a pressurized container or even manual pressure pumps. These foams can then be applied by a nozzle attached to the pressurized containers. The best way is to spray the foam from bottom to top for an even layering of the snow-white foam that should cover the whole exterior of your car.

Thorough Cleaning Experience

Car wash foamers react with the accumulated dirt and stubborn stains that are stuck on the exterior of the car. If you let it rest for a couple of minutes it can easily soften the stains which then become very easy to clean. When you’re using car wash foamers you must make sure that your vehicle isn’t parked directly under the sun as it will dry off the foam much quicker and will get difficult to wash off. Car wash foam manufacturers make sure to create the ideal chemical solution that’s tough on stains but soft on the vehicle’s paint.

Safe Cleaning

Car wash foamers can be applied on dry vehicles as their cleaning formula works better this way and removes the accumulated dirt in its entirety. The foam itself is already diluted when applied and even its regular use won’t harm the users and the vehicle itself. The basic function of the foam is to provide a safe cleaning experience. Car wash foamers are most popular with car owners who take special care of the paint job of their car as it certainly pays off in the future.

Minimum Scratches

Once the car wash foam is applied, its smooth texture and even layering avoid the possibility of scratches that occur from scrubbing the vehicle. The foam actually reduces the force used to clean the car by hand, the smooth flow of the scrubber allows the user to simply wipe the foam and then rinse it with pressurized water and the result will be an immaculately clean car.

Fun To Use

Finally, the use of car wash foamers turns a dull car wash into a fun-filled activity. This alone creates an ease in the mind of the user and the vehicle receives a good quality clean up. Once the vehicle is covered with the foam it can be a delightful thing to watch and thus increases the value of the product as well. The foam itself comes in various types and offers different fragrances and colours increasing the overall fun factor of washing your car.

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