Beware Of These Scams When Purchasing Industrial Cleaners

August 11, 2022


Scam and treacheries will always be a part of our lives. No matter how civilized or well-educated our society becomes, ill intentions are something we can never get rid of. While many of us thought these problems would subside with the advancements in technology and the emergence of enhanced solutions to combat crimes, the exact opposite scenario came into existence. Instead of being deterred, perpetrators matched their pace with the evolving world and sought out new ways of putting their malice and evil motives to work.

If you think only sensitive sectors like the finance and government realms are prone to the nefarious plans of these vicious people, you must know that the world has changed. With the upsurge in the online presence of every industry, scamming risks augmented for both businesses and their customers. Today, scammers have become very professional in what they do, and it is becoming harder with each passing day to set a genuine business apart from a scammer. The same applies to our cleaning industry.

Throughout our years of experience in Edmonton as trusted suppliers of high-quality industrial cleaning products, we have heard many heartbreaking tales regarding product-related scams that cost innocent people a good chunk of their hard-earned cash. While these sad stories leave us sympathizing with narrators, their faltering trust in genuine companies shatters our cores.

Although these fraudulent activities can not be completely eliminated from our industry, we believe that spreading awareness regarding the matter can surely save a lot of people from falling prey to these wolves in sheep’s clothing. In order to achieve this goal, this blog post will reveal and discuss the most common types of scams in the industrial cleaning industry.

Product Copies

As mentioned earlier, fraudsters have become good at what they do with each passing day. You will be surprised to hear that these people even call themselves ‘professionals’. However, it is not only challenging to differentiate a genuine business from a fake one, but also the products they provide.

In the current era, one of the most prevalent hoaxes in the cleaning industry is product copies. While you might have heard more about this kind of a scam in smartphone and home appliance industries, its relevance to industrial cleaners can not be denied. As we speak, numerous unreliable cleaning product suppliers are selling replicas of renowned industrial cleaners at very high prices.

The difference between the appearance and packaging of these products is indistinguishable from an average individual when purchasing them. However, the difference in their quality and performance at the time of use will leave you shocked and devastated. Thus, the chances that you can spot minor differences are very slim. However, there is an alternative way to avoid wasting money on such products.

You must take your time in choosing a reliable supplier so that the possibility of being sold copies is eliminated.

Online Phishers

Phishing is surely not a new concept. But did you know that phishing attempts are also very successful in the cleaning industry? Due to this sector’s nature, it is least suspected by purchasers. Unfortunately, con-artists are well aware of this fact and take as much advantage of it as possible.

In this case, spiteful individuals create fake online stores that look just like any average industrial cleaner supply store. They even go to the extent of creating a detailed product page. The ordering and payment process appears quite smooth and doubtless. However, the products never reach you, but you will get a notification that your credit card has been charged for thousands of dollars.

The Low Price Treat

This scam is similar to the first one, but in this case, the unreliable suppliers use low prices to lure customers. Since they know that their inferior cleaning chemicals can not compete with high-quality products at competitive prices, they sell their goods at substantially low prices to take advantage of people who want to save a bit.

Thus, if a supplier’s discounts and price cuts seem too good to be true, take it as a sign that the product is useless.

Vague Guarantees And Policies

Lastly, there are those suppliers who intentionally leave loopholes in their purchasing agreements to exploit their customers later. From non-cancellable contracts to lack of after-sales support and no-return policies, these kinds of scams stem due to contractual ambiguities.


Therefore, always ensure the purchase terms are clear before accepting the cleaning products.

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