What Is Citra Solve Gel? What Is It Used For?

February 9, 2023


Citra Solve is a strong degreaser and natural citrus solvent that can remove even the hardest stains. A specialist in cleaning supplies at the industrial level is Sunrise Industrial Cleaners. Due to Citra Solves concentrated recipe, it can be applied to a wide range of cleaning tasks. For complex tasks, use it at full strength; for basic household cleaning, dilute it with water. Limonene, a transparent liquid extracted from orange peel, is the primary ingredient in Citra Solve. It leaves a crisp citrus aroma in its wake.

Citra Solve is a practical, all-natural cleanser that does not use petroleum distillates or harsh chemicals. It has all the cleaning and degreasing power of chemical solvents. It cleans rugged household grit while releasing a pleasant, fruity, and energizing orange aroma throughout your house.

The Applications Of Citra Solve

The all-natural degreaser, Citra Solve is risk-free to use and does not disrupt bacterial or enzyme systems. It breaks down grease into tiny pieces, assisting natural biodegradation by bacteria. Additionally, this product can emulsify and eliminate grease from your grills, sink surfaces, oven hoods, and some floor surfaces. After using Citra Solve, it will also leave a light citrus aroma in its track.

Where Citra Solve Can Be Used

Citra Solve has many applications. Apply Citra Solve at maximum strength with a brush or spray, give it a few minutes to work, and then wash the area with soap and water. It can be used in the following places:

  • Grills And Ovens

Citra Solve is a cleaning solution that is designed to effectively remove grease and burnt-on food from grills and ovens. It can be used at full strength for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, it is recommended to apply the concentrated form of the cleaner to the surface and allow the grease to sit for a few minutes before removing it with a paper towel or sponge and rinsing it under running water.

To remove tough stains and burnt-on food, it is recommended to let the concentrated solution sit on the surface for at least 15 minutes and repeat the process as needed. It is always recommended to read the instructions and safety precautions on the product’s label before using it.

  • Rugs And Furniture

Use a diluted Citra Solve solution in a spray bottle or bucket to remove stains. Fill the tank of a carpet extractor machine with diluted Citra Solve.

  • Use It In Your Laundry

Citra Solve can also be used as a solution to remove stains from clothing. It can be applied to the stained clothing area and left to sit for 15 minutes before washing. It’s important to note that one should always check the colorfastness of the material in an inconspicuous area before using the solution.

  • Can Be Used To Remove Paint

To remove all forms of paint off of concrete, automobiles, brick, stone, glass, tile, etc, use Citra Solv full strength. Allow the strong solution to sit on a paintbrush for a few minutes before rinsing it with water.

  • Can Be Used On Engines, Bicycle Chains, And Machine Parts

Citra Solve can eliminate tar, heavy oils, and grease on metal components. Utilizing a sponge or spray bottle, apply full-strength Citra Solve and let it sit for a while. Blot or wipe the pieces clean using a paper towel. The natural orange oil works as an anti-rust agent on metal parts, so you may not want to rinse them.

  • Can Be Used On Vehicles And Boats

To get rid of tar, bugs, sap, road paint, scum line, and paint oxidation, use Citra Solve at full strength. Apply to the area to be treated with a spray bottle, a cloth, or a sponge, then clean the area and rinse with water. Avoid coming into contact with high-impact polystyrene or plexiglass.

  • Stone, Brick, And Concrete

Utilizing a sponge or spray bottle, apply Citra Solve at full strength and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a sponge to scrub the brick, concrete, or stone, then thoroughly rinse with water.

The Pros And Cons Of Citra Solve

The following are some of the pros and cons of using Citra Solve in daily life:


  • Bio-Based, Heavy-Duty Formula
  • Emulsifies Grease Rapidly
  • Fresh Citrus Smell
  • Does Not Contain Petroleum
  • Distillates
  • Non-corrosive and non-caustic


  • If left on glass it can cause very heavy streaks.
  • Compared to other top cleaners we tested, it required more strokes to clean glass.
  • Deposited some dirt on test surfaces.

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