How To Clean A Commercial Restaurant Oven

March 17, 2022

How To Clean A Commercial Restaurant Oven

Cleanliness is important everywhere but the restaurant industry is the one that can’t work without it. A neat and clean restaurant and its kitchen are what attracts customers. Eating habits directly translate to human health and fitness. Therefore, people tend to trust clean and reputed eateries for eating out.

However, keeping a restaurant dining area and kitchen equally clean is a hell of a job. Areas like the kitchen, stoves, shelves, and washbasins are easily accessible. This means they can be cleaned regularly without any problem. The trouble lies in cleaning the workhorses of the commercial kitchens, i.e., the ovens.

The fact that they are used so vigorously also affirms their chances of accumulating grease, food particles, and other debris. This can lead to problems from disturbing flavor to oven performance and chances of smoke. Not only that, a badly maintained and unclean oven can lead to pricey heat inefficiencies, increasing your utility bills.

One way to get rid of all these problems is to schedule and carry out regular cleaning and maintenance. Read on to learn about the top tips to safeguard and enhance the ongoing performance of your commercial oven using quality cleaning products.

Schedule Daily Oven Cleanings

No doubt commercial kitchens are busy. The hustle and bustle can often lure you to trim the work by skipping cleaning the oven. However, this will not cut down the work but cause lengthy and costly problems over time.

Instead, commit yourself to your cleaning schedule and reinforce the importance of following through with the task to your staff. A helpful tip to have a non-disruptive cleaning schedule is to keep the cleaning products in bulk in your commercial cleaning cupboard.

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Control Crumbs

Everyone knows how quickly crumbs can accumulate in a commercial oven. If left in the oven, these crumbs can cause problems that can alter the foods taste and even cause smoke and fire. To avoid all the related problems make sure to clear out all the debris from the interior of your commercial kitchen.

Remove Racks

Food debris can also accumulate in the racks of the oven. Clean them separately by removing them from the oven and dunking them in a water and soap solution. For stubborn stains and baked-on food leftovers use a wire brush or scouring pad.

Wipe With An Industrial Oven Cleaner

After removing the racks next wipe the doors and walls. Cleaning a well-maintained commercial oven will require warm water and a suitable industrial cleaner.

However, if you have been neglecting the oven cleaning then you may require a strong professional oven cleaner with a lot of safe options (made of natural materials) available in the market.

Schedule Monthly Cleanings

Even if you are performing daily cleaning, commercial settings still require thorough cleaning of the premises once a month. A commercial kitchen and oven are no exception. So, make sure to schedule and carry out the comprehensive cleaning activities once a month.

You can do this early in the morning by delaying the opening time once a month. Or you can do it by closing the restaurant early in the evening as well. Either way, remember it is not business lost but future business secured.

Manage Spills And Boil-over Immediately

Monthly and daily cleaning activities are no comparison to spills. Make sure to manage and clear any spills in the oven immediately to preserve the oven’s performance and maintain the quality of the food. Moreover, this will save you from dealing with more stubborn spills at the end of the day when the food has been carbonized and stuck firmly on the surface.

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