Common Exterior Car Detailing Mistakes To Avoid

April 8, 2021

 Common Exterior Car Detailing Mistakes To Avoid

Detailing your car at home and getting the same professional results you would otherwise achieve in an automatic car wash facility is rather difficult. However, with today’s high-quality car detailing products, you can ensure that your painstaking efforts don’t go to waste. So, an impressive glow, spotless interior, and clean exterior are yours if you can avoid some of these common car detailing mistakes.

Car detailing is a crucial part of the vehicle cleaning process. Car detailing mistakes are often committed by people who are new to the DIY car wash process and who are usually not familiar with the proper protocols and products to achieve the best results. So, if you’re also new to the process, we strongly recommend that you make yourself aware of the correct procedures and suitable materials to detail your car.

Here are the most common mistakes you should avoid to ensure your car doesn’t get damaged during the process.

Incorrect Car Detailing Practices

Incorrect car detailing practices can severely damage your vehicle. If you are using the wrong methods, you’re merely just scratching and destroying your car in the name of cleaning it. Some incorrect car detailing practices include:

Cleaning In Open Spaces

Many people like to clean their cars in open spaces instead of in a garage or closed parking lot. The open space allows them to see their vehicle’s unclean spots better, and the area provides them with enough room to comfortably wash their car.

However, cleaning your car under direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior. The extra heat from the sun can quickly dry up the water and soap mixture, leaving your vehicle with difficult-to-remove water spots.

Cleaning From Top To Bottom

Another common mistake that people make is that they clean their car from top to bottom. Although this may be a good approach to cleaning other things around the house, this is the last mistake you would want to make when it comes to cleaning your vehicles. This is because of two reasons:

  • Your car’s wheels are its dirtiest part. If the brake dust and mud on your tires are not cleaned efficiently and properly, it can corrode your tires’ rims.
  • If you clean the wheels at the end, there is a good chance that the dirt and grime from the wheels will splash all over your recently cleaned and polished car.

Using The Wrong Product For The Wrong Purpose

There are tons of car cleaning products in the market today, and therefore there is no excuse for not reading the labels and choosing the right one for your vehicle. However, people still select products designed for different purposes, other than what they intend to clean it with. Let’s look at two such examples:

Using Acid Cleaner On A Car’s Framework

Acid cleaners are specifically used to clean dirt and brake dust from tires. However, people will choose an acid cleaner to scrub off stubborn dirt from their vehicle’s framework. This will take away their car’s clear coat and will leave their vehicle looking unpolished, scratched, faded, and whatnot.

Using Regular Soap To Clean Off Dirt

Another popular example of using the wrong cleaning product includes using a dish wash soap to remove sticky tar and other such substances from the car’s framework or engine. Dish wash soaps are specifically formulated to cut grease and dirt from dishes. When used on vehicles, they can effectively clean the car but at the cost of stripping your car’s wax and sealant and destroying its perfect paint job.

Using A Regular Towel Instead Of A Microfiber Cloth

Drying your car with a regular towel can make your car dirtier instead of cleaning it. Regular towels will grind dirt and dust into your vehicle and may even leave rough patches that can scratch your car.

When drying your car, make sure to use a microfiber cloth. Microfiber towels are soft and more absorbent and will therefore effectively clear out water residue. They are also good at absorbing dirt and impurities from the vehicle’s surface, thus providing a clean and clear finish.

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