Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Car Wash

October 8, 2020

Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Car Wash

It’s not only about using the right cleaning products and car foams for washing your car effectively. You also need to avoid some mistakes to ensure the effectiveness of the cleaning products you buy from professional cleaning product suppliers. If you keep repeating these mistakes, you will not get the desired results even if you are using the best available car detailing products from the market.

Using A Home-based Soap Or Detergent

The top-most mistake to avoid while washing your car is to use a detergent or a soap that you use inside the home. The composition of soap made for household items is not suitable or effective for your car. It can damage your car’s surface, shine, and finish on regular use. You must only use specific car detailing products available in the market to ensure your car’s paint and shine lasts forever.

Washing Your Car In Direct Sunlight

The next mistake to avoid is to wash your car during the day under the direct sunlight. When you do that, the soap or the car wash foam you are using will dry before rinsing it with water. It happens due to direct sunlight. What will happen is that it will leave marks and spots on the surface that will become somewhat permanent. You can avoid this by ensuring your car is not directly under the sunlight.

Using The Same Bucket For Washing And Rinsing

When you are washing your car, it is wise to have at least two buckets with you instead of just one. Using one bucket for applying foam or soap on your car and rinsing may hamper your car washes quality. You must squeeze the dirty cloth or mitt in a separate bucket and not mix it with the soap you are using. The car wash results will not be as per your desires as the surface will remain dirty and muddy even after rinsing.

Not Washing Tires And Wheels First

If you want your car wash products to deliver the best results, you must also follow the guidelines that support and even enhance high-quality cleaning products’ performance. Washing the tires and wheels of your car first will protect the car’s body from the splashes of dirty water that you will put on the clean body. Instead of washing the body twice, you need to ensure washing the tires and wheels first as these are the dirtiest parts of your car.

Drying Your Car With A Regular Towel

Another mistake seen is when people dry their car after washing it using a regular towel. Drying is usually the last or second last process of a car wash process. It needs to be carefully done as it can either make or break a car wash’s effectiveness. Using a special absorber ensures the final look of the car is as per your liking. Using a regular towel for drying your car will do no good but will grind the dust and mud particles into your car’s surface.

Using A Dry Towel To Wipe The Spots You Missed

If you have missed some spots while washing your car and noticed them while drying, you must not try wiping out those spots with a towel or the absorber with which you are drying your car. Using a dry cloth, towel or absorber will not wipe that missed spot and rather will spread it and make it permanent.

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