Concrete Floor Cleaning FAQs

February 27, 2020

Concrete Floor Cleaning FAQs

These are some of the most frequently asked questions on cleaning concrete floors. Reviewing these FAQs will answer most of your queries relating to concrete floor cleaning.

How do I keep a concrete floor clean?

You typically need a push broom, a dry dust mop and a damp mop for keeping a concrete floor clean. Sweep the floor using a push broom first to collect debris. Don’t use a push broom made of harsh, abrasive material, in order to protect the floor finish.

Dust mop the floor after sweeping it to clear any remaining dirt on the floor.

Use a damp mop once every few days to deep clean the concrete floor. Damp the mop in a mix of water and a pH-neutral cleaner (acidic cleaners will eat away at the concrete).

You can also pressure wash concrete floors once every few months to get rid of more stubborn dirt and debris. Make sure that the concrete is capable of withstanding the high-pressure water stream.

If you need even cleaner floors, consider getting a professional concrete floor cleaning service that includes a final coat of concrete floor finish.

How to make a concrete floor resistant to stains?

Use a concrete sealant to make your concrete floor resistant to future stains. Alternatively, you can also apply a coat of concrete floor wax or finish.

Reapply on wear.

Is bleach harmful to concrete?

Concrete floors are sturdy and unaffected by bleach. In fact, bleach is commonly used to disinfect concrete. Keep the area well-ventilated to allow the bleach fumes to escape.

You may need to apply bleach directly onto the floor or dilute in water first.

Does Coca Cola remove rust from concrete?

Coke being acidic in nature, can remove rust from concrete. But for more efficient cleaning, you should consider using lemon juice or vinegar instead.

How do I make a concrete floor white again?

Concrete floor discoloration may be treated using bleach or vinegar. However, you should know that vinegar, especially in concentrated amounts, can damage the concrete, so you have to be careful. Consider diluting the vinegar before applying onto the concrete.

Use a scrub brush to scrub the solution.

Keep scrubbing until the discoloration vanishes completely.

Is WD40 effective in removing oil stains from concrete?

Concrete driveways are most susceptible to oil stains from automobiles. WD-40 spray has the ability to remove grease and oil stains, so it can be used for getting rid of oil stains. Spray the chemical onto the stain. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes for getting the best results. Scrub the chemical using a scrub brush for removing any leftover stains.

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