Eco-Friendly Industrial Cleaning Products Guide

August 13, 2020

Eco-Friendly Industrial Cleaning Products Guide

More and more industries are focusing on using industrial cleaners like solvents and degreasers that are environmentally friendly and don’t damage the equipment and surfaces they are meant to clean. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to protect the environment around you.

One way of ensuring that is to use the industrial cleaning products that will not pose any threat to your employees, equipment, assets, and surrounding air, water, and ground. When shopping for eco-friendly industrial cleaning supplies, it would help if you knew what to look for and avoid in advance.

Avoid Products With Misleading Labels

When buying industrial cleaners for your warehouse or manufacturing unit, you may come across cleaning chemicals labeled as ‘natural,’ ‘non-toxic,’ or ‘eco-friendly.’ The majority of buyers will blindly trust the labeling, without taking the time to investigate and read the complete label, including the ingredient list.

When reading the label, look for ‘warning,’ ‘corrosive,’ or ‘irritant,’ that may be written anywhere on the product label. When in doubt, always write down the ingredient names and research them thoroughly. It’s advisable to wait until you’re entirely sure about what’s in the product before making a final purchase.

Always Read Complete Labels

Always read the entire labeling in order to be sure that the product you’re going to buy is free of ingredients that are not eco-friendly. Care should be taken to look for any potential ingredients in industrial cleaning supplies that can be toxic to people and animals. Ensure that the cleaning products you’re using are free from such dangerous materials.

Avoid Harmful Ingredients Used In High Concentrations

Phosphate and ammonia are commonly found in most cleaning products in higher concentrations that are incredibly harmful to natural habitats. While these chemistries help clean equipment effectively, when these chemicals are drained, they may end up at the water treatment plant or seep into the groundwater.

Phthalates (fragrances) and petroleum products (surfactants) are also commonly found in most industrial cleaners. Failing to remove these chemical compounds properly at the water treatment plant may result in these surfactants ending up in the water table and severely damaging the aquatic flora and fauna.

However, if these ingredients are only present in a product in little amounts, removing them won’t be much of a problem, and such cleaning chemicals won’t damage the environment. Thus, it’s wise to buy industrial cleaning products with lower amounts of potentially harmful chemical compounds.

Consider Eco-Friendly Cleaning Formulas

One problem with buying exclusively eco-friendly products is that they aren’t generally labeled as cleaners because they don’t produce much effective cleaning results. However, with the ever-increasing trend of environment-friendly products, more and more industrial cleansers are also produced by adding eco-friendly ingredients to minimize environmental damage.

When purchasing industrial washing supplies, always look for ingredients such as washing soda, vinegar, citrus juice, or borax. Enzyme cleaners are also one of the best eco-friendly cleaners highly effective against dirt and grease issues in any industrial setting. These cleaning formulas are natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

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