Fun Facts About Domestic, Industrial And Commercial Cleaning

January 13, 2022

Fun Facts About Domestic, Industrial And Commercial Cleaning

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has become very particular about hygiene and cleanliness. Even a ten-year-old kid will tell you the importance of proper disinfection, sanitisation, and social distancing. We have become more than ever conscious about our health and that of our families and friends. Even those who usually neglected cleaning now take the matter seriously.

As a result, you may think that the enhanced air of awareness has taught you everything you need to know about cleaning. Others may even proudly announce that they are also well aware of what cleaning consists of in the corporate world.

However, through our immense experience in the industry and research, we have listed a few interesting facts about domestic, industrial, and commercial cleaning. We bet you didn’t know most of these up until now.

So without further ado, let us plunge into an intriguing pool of fun yet eye-opening facts.

Astonishing Domestic, Commercial, And Industrial Facts

1. Commercial And Industrial Cleaning Are Two Different Things

You might have surely been aware of the differences between domestic and commercial cleaning, but did you know that commercial and industrial cleaning are different?

Despite their similarities, the two are distinct in terms of product specialisation, equipment used, and scale. While both refer to cleaning in formal business premises, commercial cleaning is specifically for corporate offices, and industrial cleaning is for large factories and plants.

In terms of cleaning products, commercial cleaning involves the utilisation of moderate non-toxic chemicals as the surfaces being cleaned come into contact with unprotected human skin frequently. On the other hand, industrial cleaning mandates strong chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid because the stains in an industrial setting are quite obstinate and hard to remove.

2. Office Desks Are Impurer Than Toilet Seats

That might not sound very pleasant, but that is what research says, and we have to accept the bitter truth. As per a study by the University of Arizona, the amount of contamination and germs on office tables is 400 times more than that on toilet seats.

3. Hospitals Are Not The Clean Haven You Anticipate Them To Be

Yes, each one of us has certainly thought at one point that hospitals are the cleanest places. After all, a spot where illnesses are treated should be void of germs in the first place. Unfortunately, we shall have to let you down in this regard.

In fact, a drastic 75% of hospital toilets fail the required hygiene standards and that’s not all. 35% of thermometer holders, 24% of blood sugar monitors, and 50% of bed covers/mattresses also follow the same trend.

4. Bacteria Count Surges by 31% Each Day On Surfaces That Aren’t Regularly Disinfected

If you think that skipping or delaying cleaning for a few days is not a big deal, this fact should help you think straight. When a surface is left unclean for a few days, the bacteria multiply on it by 31% every day.

5. Cleaning Is One Of The Best Exercises

If remaining fit is very important to you but you cannot join a gym or exercise at home, then cleaning can be a solution for you. If you take your housing cleaning duty seriously, you can easily burn up to 200 calories per hour. Of course, the intensity of the cleaning you do will play a massive role in this matter.

Tip: 15 minutes of scrubbing burns 90 calories.

6. Industrial And Commercial Cleaning Industries Do Not Require Any Formal Course

If you are looking for a career in these industries, then we have good news for you. The cleaning sector does not require you to undergo any specific course at a university. Basic education will suffice, and the rest of the training is done when employees are taken on board.

7. Dead Skin Cells Make Up About 80% Of The Dust Particles In Your Environment

This fact may be a little uncomfortable to digest, but it is true nevertheless. 80% of what you considered to be dust all these years were actually dead skin cells.

8. 50% Of Housekeepers Steal Something From Their Visitors

Next time you need to stay in a lodge or a motel, be sure to keep an eye on your belongings. You never know who will be cleaning the room.

9. The Global Commercial Cleaning Market Was Worth 292.6 Million USD (2019)

Mind you, this was before the pandemic. So Covid will not enjoy the credit to the boom in this industry. Resultantly, even if Covid were to miraculously disappear, the commercial cleaning sector will remain an enticing investment option.

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