Industrial Cleaning With The Help Of Cleaning Chemicals

February 21, 2020

Industrial Cleaning With The Help Of Cleaning Chemicals

Industrial cleaning with chemicals is a specialized process that requires in-depth knowledge of chemical compounds and their reaction to certain surfaces and stains. Chemical-based cleaning is used to remove stubborn stains and other wastes commonly found in industrial cleaning services. Industrial cleaning is a specific job that only professionals with extensive experience should do to avoid problems like safety and deteriorations produced as a result of improper use of chemical products.

In addition to eliminating the remains of stains, chemical cleaning prepares and protects these surfaces to keep them in good condition. Therefore, chemical cleaning can only be performed by professionals in this specialized type of work, who know the reaction of chemical products to certain materials and wastes, and who know the reaction time of a chemical and its erosion and corrosion rate to avoid irreparable damage to the surfaces being cleaned. All this has to be done without jeopardizing the health of cleaning staff, as they must be properly protected and comply with all occupational health and safety regulations.

This specialized type of cleaning is offered by professional companies, which have an advisory team that evaluates the stains to be removed and the material, since not all chemical cleaning is the same or performed in the same way. Hence why it’s so important that the company specializes in this type of professional work.

Chemical cleaning can be carried out by two methods, which are used depending on the surface to be treated:

  • Immerse the surface to be cleaned in a certain liquid or fluid.
  • Use a cleaner that acts on the surface in a closed circuit.

Types Of Chemical Cleaning

As we have indicated, depending on the surface to be cleaned and the type of dirt, chemical cleaning professionals will use one method or another of cleaning. Among the most common, we must mention the following:

Liquid Chemical Flushing

Liquid chemical flushing is the common way to eliminate stains that, due to heat, have adhered to a certain surface. It’s the type of cleaning that’s used in pipes, boilers, and heat condensers, and eliminates traces of oxides, insoluble salts, etc.

Soaking With Chemicals

Soaking is used to clean oxides on metal surfaces such as pipes, tanks, etc. It’s all about removing oxidation residues without corroding the metal surface.

Degreasing With Chemical

Degreasing is the cleaning method intended to eliminate the remains of grease and industrial oils used in some factories. This usually involves detergents, solvents, and alkaline chemicals.


Decarbonization is used to remove dirt from engines and turbines. For example, it removes layers of oils and fats that have been accumulated in their surfaces as a result of high temperatures.


It is a cleaning system dedicated to food or pharmaceutical industries and allows to eliminate residues on surfaces that must be free of dangerous microorganisms.

As we’ve pointed out, it’s not only about cleaning surfaces but also about protecting them. Therefore, in addition to previous cleaning methods, professionals use acid or alkaline-based cleaning products to gain a thorough cleaning experience.

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