Keep Your Skin Safe From Harsh Household Irritants

November 18, 2021

Keep Your Skin Safe From Harsh Household Irritants

Harsh chemical cleaners have a very adverse effect on your skin which is why when you are dealing with industrial cleaners, you have to take extra care. They are formulated using chemicals that can cause skin irritation and allergic problems. So, it has become important to follow the safety procedures when using such cleaners.

It is best to only opt for cleaners that have been claimed safe. However, if you still have to deal with harsh industrial cleaners, make sure you use PPE. Harsh chemicals such as ammonia, sodium bisulfate, and hydrochloric acid can damage the skin permanently if the proper safety measures are not followed.

This blog post has been formulated to help you learn about the safety measures that might help you keep your hands and skin safe from these harsh chemicals.

Which Chemicals Do You Need To Be Careful Around?

Although most industrial and household cleaners mention whether they have been claimed safe or not, it’s important that you know of some harmful chemicals and irritants so you can spot them on the label and avoid buying those products. Some of the common irritants are as follows:

  • Ammonia
  • Sodium Bisulfate
  • Lye
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Phenol
  • Ammonium hydroxide
  • Chloride
  • Hydrochloric acid

So, if you have sensitive skin or have children in the house, it is better to avoid the irritants mentioned above.

Tips To Prevent Skin Irritation Caused By Cleaners

Check The Label

Checking the cleaner’s label is necessary before buying it, so you know you are buying the right product. You must know exactly which chemicals are in the product you’re using. Try to avoid products that contain ingredients you’ve had a reaction to in the past. Moreover, you read about the composition of the cleaners to know the purpose it has been designed for and what you can do to prevent irritation.

Wear Safety Gear

Gearing up is important to keep your skin and lungs safe from the harsh chemicals used in industrial cleaners. Moreover, it is advised that you take a shower after you are done cleaning. Washing after you’ve just used a cleaning product sounds like a waste of time, but it can help protect your skin. Also be sure to wear a mask, gloves, and other protective gear over your clothes to avoid coming into direct contact with these cleaners.

Don’t Mix Them

It might seem an intriguing idea to mix all the cleaners together in hopes that they will perform better. However, it is not okay to mix them up since the chemicals used in them might react and cause a hazardous reaction. They can produce dangerous fumes if combined without proper care and knowledge.

Mixing cleaning products is a dangerous experiment to do at home or on your own. Therefore, avoid mixing them and use the cleaner separately for the purpose they have been formulated.

Go For Greener Solutions

Many chemical cleaner industries produce greener solutions with mild formulas that have the same cleaning power as any other cleaner. When looking to buy such products, you can look for cleaning products labeled “fragrance and dye-free” or “all-natural,” or try an old-fashioned cleaner like baking soda and vinegar.

Store Wisely

Carefully storing your cleaners is important, so you don’t come into contact with them accidentally. Leave all cleaners in their original, labeled containers and place them in a safe location to keep them in proper order. Also, be careful while opening cupboards or where they are stored as any wrong movements might spill them.

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