5 Places Where Germs Might Be Hiding In Your Office And How Commercial Cleaners Can Help

December 9, 2021

5 Places Where Germs Might Be Hiding In Your Office And How Commercial Cleaners Can Help

Maintaining a clean environment in a commercial space is important. The outburst of the COVID pandemic has made it even more important to maintain the cleanliness of commercial spaces so that people remain safe from the virus.

Many people don’t realize how gross the world is around them when it comes to cleanliness. Your office space is a breeding ground for bacteria. Knowing that it is a place where you spend most of your time can be kind of scary.

Commercial cleaners can play an important role in cleaning and sanitizing commercial spaces. Sunrise Industrial Cleaners offers high-quality commercial-level cleaners and industrial degreasers that can help you keep any commercial area clean. In this blog post, we mention the top places in the office where germs might be hiding.

The Copy Machine

The copy machine receives heavy hand traffic, and thus, is one of the most dangerous areas. It contains harmful bacteria and germs as many people touch it.

From touching it after having lunch to going to the toilet, many people don’t consider the germs they are spreading over the machine. So, can you imagine how dirty they can get? It might be worse than some toilet seats. Because many people eat with their hands, and those germs can easily get into your system.

Keeping a hand sanitizer near the machine and spraying a disinfectant becomes necessary. Moreover, the copy machine should be regularly and periodically cleaned to keep germs off it.

The Break Room

The break room is another place which many people don’t realize how dirty it can get. Countertops, sponges, faucets, everything comes into contact, and that is where you prepare your food.

Having the right kind of cleaning products is necessary to clean every corner of the break room. Make sure the dining tables are properly cleaned and wiped. Clean the floors there and spray disinfectant. For more information, read this blog on how to effectively clean a commercial kitchen.

Door Knobs

Door knobs are another point of germs receiving the maximum amount of bacteria and germs. The minute you walk into the office, you come into contact with germs. It can be quite dangerous for your health as in many cases cleaners ignore the knobs and then carry on with the rest of their tasks.

Therefore, it is best to keep a small hand sanitizer with you and sanitize your hands as soon as possible after coming into contact with such things.

Shared Items

Shared items such as a mouse, laptop, and microphones are also a hub for germs and bacteria. Most of us may wipe down these shared items which are in our regular use.

However, you might ignore those items in the conference room. Such items become a source of transmission for different types of germs and bacteria. The best way to deal with them is to properly sanitize and clean those items before having a meeting in the conference room.

Elevator Buttons

Many people rush into the elevator, especially during the busy hours of the day. Elevator buttons are breeding places for germs and bacteria. Similar to doorknobs, they also need to be cleaned every hour or so.

How Can Sunrise Industrial Cleaners Help You With Cleanliness?

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