Risks Associated With Using The Wrong Industrial Cleaners

September 3, 2020

Risks Associated With Using The Wrong Industrial Cleaners

Using the right industrial cleaning products such as degreasers, soaps, and other industrial cleaners is key to ensuring a cleaner and safer workplace. When you don’t utilize the right products your business place and machinery don’t get cleaned as well as they should resulting in a dirtier workspace, and worn-out machines.

Now, let’s discuss some of the significant risks associated with using the wrong industrial cleaning products:

Ineffective Disinfection And Cleaning

When businesses use substandard industrial cleaners, they don’t achieve the desired cleaning results they want. At the very best, the cleaning results they get in the end are moderately harmless. Sometimes, cleaning chemicals you use may leave smudges and streaks on glass, or filmy leftovers on countertops and desktops. You may also need to spend twice as much time washing your commercial premises than the required timeframe.

Such situations may not display a good overall picture of your industrial cleaning strategy; it’s still considerably better than incurring permanent machine damage or creating a health-related workplace hazard. Things can start to get a bit risky when companies use disinfectants and sanitizers that can contain dangerous chemicals in high concentrations or volumes, creating an organization-wide health risk.

Alternatively, warehouses can utilize chemical products in such a way that it doesn’t disinfect or sanitize the surface being cleaned, including the following possible cases:

  • Using chemical supplies that aren’t effective against particular pathogens
  • Diluting the chemical products to the point where they are no longer useful
  • Applying the industrial cleaners inconsistently or in minimal amounts
  • Not allowing the cleaning chemicals to sit for the required amount of time

Your industrial unit will be at risk in any of the cases mentioned above. Harmful microorganisms like bacteria and other pathogens can still linger on different industrial surfaces even after applying them. In a worst-case scenario, your staff members will start to assume that all of these surfaces are safe to use.

Equipment and Furnishings Damage

There’s a reason why different industrial cleaners are preferred to clean various industrial surfaces and machines. That’s because these specialized products are highly effective in removing numerous contaminants and residues, including dirt stains, oily handprints, greases, and additional pollutants.

However, if these cleaning chemicals are utilized in the wrong sites, the same products can destroy or remove things they aren’t supposed to clean. For example, you may choose the wrong cleaner for hardwood, resulting in the deterioration of the topcoat finish. In other cases, you may wash the marble floors with an acid-based cleanser, inflicting permanent damage.

Health-Related Risks To Staff Members

When you utilize the wrong industrial chemical products, the most significant threat is your employees’ safety and health. The majority of cleaning agents consist of flammable and toxic ingredients harmful to human health if utilized improperly and, if you use the wrong cleaning chemical, there may be a good chance that your staff members are using it in an unsafe fashion.

Things could get out of hand if your workers start mixing different chemicals without necessary precautionary measures, like combining chlorine bleach and ammonium. This could result in producing a highly toxic class of gas, chloramines. These gases can create chest pains, breathing difficulties, pneumonia, and vomiting. Bleach is usually utilized in disinfectants and sanitizers, while ammonium is traditionally found in surface cleaners. However, both bleach and ammonium can only be safely used by taking the appropriate precautions.

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