Things To Consider When Purchasing Industrial Floor Cleaners

December 8, 2022


As emphasized in almost every blog, industrial cleaning is a crucial yet complex task that no facility owner can afford to skip. Besides removing stubborn grease and concrete marks from machines and equipment, cleaning industrial floors is the biggest challenge. Unfortunately, the latter is also the most overlooked task in industrial settings.

While many plant and factory owners acknowledge the importance of cleaning their industrial machinery, they fail to understand or intentionally dismiss the importance of keeping the floor clean. Let alone choosing the right industrial floor cleaner. However, they do not understand that inadequate floor cleaning results in the same adverse implications as inefficient machine cleaning.

From on-site accidents such as slips and falls to being a hygiene hazard and tainting your reputation in the eyes of your employees and clients, leaving your floors unclean can result in unpleasant outcomes.

As reputed suppliers of industrial cleaning products, we understand this problem better than anyone else. The few that undertake floor cleaning tasks often disregard the importance of choosing the right industrial floor cleaner. Remember that choosing the wrong floor cleaner is almost as bad as not cleaning the floor at all.

First, an incompatible floor cleaner will not be able to remove the stains properly. Secondly, the incompatibility of the cleaner and floor material will slowly deteriorate the floor, leading to costly repairs. Clearly, it is not only essential to clean your industrial floors, but it is also crucial that you do it using the right cleaning product.

But how can you find the ideal industrial floor-cleaning chemical?

This blog post explains the most critical factors to consider when choosing an industrial floor cleaner.

The Flooring Material

As pointed out earlier, it is important that the floor cleaner you choose is compatible with your flooring material. The most unforgivable mistake factory owners make is that they assume every floor cleaner is the same. Resultanting they use concrete floor cleaners on wood tiles, etc.

You must understand that every flooring material has a different chemical composition and endurance than other chemicals. A floor cleaner that works best on concrete may react with tiles and change its chemical properties. Resultantly, the latter loses its structural integrity and begins to deteriorate.

Resultantly, you must first assess your floor type and its compatibility with different industrial floor cleaners.

The Nature Of The Stains And The Required Cleaning

This point extends the one above. Besides examining a floor cleaner’s compatibility with the flooring material, you must also scrutinize its ability to eliminate the most common stains in your facility.

For instance, industrial degreasers can easily remove grease marks from your floor, but won’t work well on concrete blobs.

Many of you might not realize that cleaning is actually a scientific process whereby a certain chemical (cleaner) is used to reduce or oxidize another chemical compound (the stain). Thus, a one-size-fits-all formula will work in this case.

Likewise, you won’t necessarily need an extremely robust floor cleaner if your setting does not have any stubborn stains. All in all, you need to find the right balance between floor material, floor cleaner chemical composition, the type of stains and the persistence required, and the cleaning depth.

You don’t have to do all the math by yourself. Just get in touch with a reliable industrial cleaning product supplier, and they will suggest the best fit for your floor.

Industrial Floor Cleaner Quality

Besides all the technical compatibility issues, you must also consider an industrial floor cleaner’s quality. Cheaper cleaners will often have the wrong chemical ratios, which will adversely affect your surfaces. Hence, always seek the right balance between quality and price rather than compromising on quality.

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Reliability Of The Cleaning Product Supplier

Product quality and supplier reliability go hand in hand. If you purchase your industrial cleaning products from a reputed supplier, you will surely enjoy superior product quality. In order to avoid the hassle of having to replace floor cleaners that don’t work or getting the wrong product altogether, seek out a reliable cleaning product supplier and enter into a long-term contract with them.

Health Concerns And Safety

Industrial floor cleaning is not as simple as scrubbing some dirt off your home’s floor. Floor cleaners can be highly flammable and even toxic when inhaled. Thus, you must also consider the safety of your employees and other people when choosing your floor cleaner.

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Most reputed suppliers also offer safety gear with their cleaning products for those willing to buy them. Hence, discuss the safety of the cleaner and the measures you need to take with the supplier.

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