Things To Look For When Choosing A Car Wash Soap

August 26, 2020

Things To Look For When Choosing A Car Wash Soap

Whether you’ve just come back from a long road trip or an extended highway commute, you will notice that your car has picked up a lot of dirt and dust along the way. Sooner or later, the road grime will need to be washed off and cleaned, so it doesn’t become a permanent part of your car. An abrasive movement from these particles can also leave scratches and scuff marks on the paint.

The right car wash soap can help preserve your car’s exterior and increase its life while keeping it looking elegant and clean. However, when it comes to car wash soaps, there are hundreds of products and brands, with varying prices and chemical formulations to choose from. This variety in the market can create a lot of confusion and stress that can easily throw you off balance. For this reason, it is helpful to know some tips and tricks to help you choose the right product for your car. Below are some of our top pointers that can assist you in making a knowledgeable decision.

Say No To Dish Soap

A soap is a soap. Right? Well, that is not quite the case, especially when it comes to cleaning your car. It is an unpopular opinion, but dish soaps can damage your car beyond repair. The reason behind this is that dish wash soaps are aggressive and designed to break down and strip off oily particles from surfaces. This might be something you want for your dinner plates, but they are not the best for cleaning your car.

Most vehicles have wax or sealant applied to them, containing different forms of conditioning oils that help them adhere to the car’s paint. When aggressive dish wash soaps are used, they strip away all of that wax or sealant coating, leaving car’s paint exposed and susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. The process does not have immediate visible effects on the vehicle, but it can cause premature fading of the car’s paint over its lifetime.

Find A pH Balanced Soap

To the everyday consumer, it may not sound like much, but it is one thing that can make all the difference. Finding a pH-balanced car wash soap will guarantee that the car’s surface will remain at a neutral pH of 7. Usually, the car wash soaps available in the market are caustic, leaving the pH of the car’s surface more acidic or basic. Due to this, the pre-existing sealant present on your car’s exterior can start to peel off. This eventually diminishes the clean look of your car and destroys its finish. Normally, these types of caustic car wash cleaners are more economical, so going for the more affordable, cheaper option is not always the best choice.

Look For A Heavy Foaming Soap

Foam is your friend! Many people think otherwise, but in reality, it does most of the cleaning for you. Foam is responsible for encapsulating & lifting dirt away from painted surfaces. When present in a car wash soap, it will loosen the dirt and grease on the vehicle’s exterior, easily and quickly. If it weren’t for the foaming phenomenon, it would take a lot more time to remove all of the dirt and gunk from a vehicle’s exterior.

While heavy foaming soaps can be a little costly compared to regular car wash soaps, they are worth the investment and ensure a high-quality finish.

Don’t Go For “2-in-1 Wash & Wax” Products

Not all car wash products are the same way. Some include more chemicals, and some claim to have “2 in 1 wax & wash” properties. These claims are nothing but gimmicks. Such products end up damaging your car instead of cleaning it. Therefore, it is best to avoid products advertised to perform the functions of two different products.

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