Things You Should Know About Foam Car Wash

August 5, 2020

Things You Should Know About Foam Car Wash

Many car owners take their vehicles to specialized car wash companies, while some prefer to wash it themselves using a mixture of soap and water, followed by a quick rinse and dry down with a cloth or sponge. However, achieving the best car wash results takes a lot more than mixing just soap and water – a foam car wash is a preferred method utilized for vehicle detailing shops worldwide.

Foaming a vehicle refers to forming a blanket of foam car wash cleaner that entirely covers the vehicle’s exterior. This process is also commonly known as a snow car wash because the lathered appearance is relatively thick resembling as if the car is covered in a blanket of snow. This thick snow-white foam helps break down and remove dirt present on a car’s surface, followed by an effective regular wash.

Snow foam car wash is not a complete wash in itself but a pre-wash – it’s a specialized car washing detergent that you can apply to your vehicle before giving it a regular wash or wax. Car wash foamers are premium liquid vehicle wash and brighteners specifically designed to achieve an effective cleaning of cars, trucks, RVs, and boats, requiring little to no scrubbing.

What Is A Pre-Wash Car Foam?

Pre-wash foam or snow foam is a specialized car wash solution designed to cover the entire surface of a vehicle. Spraying this car cleaning solution over an automobile leaves a thick white layer, resembling snow on a car’s exterior surface.

How To Use A Pre-Wash Car Foam?

Applying a pre-wash car foam requires using a foam cannon attached to pressure washer equipment. It’s best to let the expert car wash service providers take care of this procedure as they generally use high-tech foam application tools. The final objective is to achieve a fine thick layer of foam on your car so that the dirt and contaminants loosen and are removed successfully.

Reasons Why You Should Use Form Car Wash

Regular use of your vehicle exposes it to different contaminants, including dirt, dust, residues, grime, and others. All of these pollutants pose a constant threat to your car’s paintwork integrity, which can be subjected to much abuse in considerably very little time.

Harmful substances can attach themselves to your vehicle’s paint and become embedded, sometimes to the extent where a typical wax or wash treatment won’t be enough to get rid of all these contaminants. Using specialized foam car wash supplies will help break down all the stubborn dirt particles from your car’s paint surface and wheels.

There are two reasons why you should use foam car wash products for cleaning your vehicle. First, these products are primarily designed for softening dirt present on your car, something that cannot be easily achieved by using regular car wash shampoos and detergents.

The second reason is that average car wash solutions will leave behind marks and streaks on your car’s surface after drying, while a pre-wash foam will not produce such troubles. This means that the foam car wash will make your vehicle cleaning process more manageable.

How Does Foam Car Wash Work?

When you spray the pre-wash car cleaning solution onto your car exterior surface, the thick white foam becomes attached to your vehicle’s surface. This helps enhance the amount of time the cleansing agents need to work on dirt particles to remove them from your car.

The contact time of pre-wash foam is considerably higher than you can achieve using a regular soap and water solution. Thus, the car wash foam works harder and longer on stubborn residues to loosen them from your car’s paintwork. This, in turn, will allow you to carry out a more comfortable and practical car cleaning process.

Advantages Of Using Foam Car Wash?

Some of the main benefits of using a foam cannon to wash your vehicle include:

  • Effortless lubrication to get rid of dirt particles from your car
  • Foam produces a smooth surface to wash the dirt away effectively
  • Decreased risk of scratching car paintwork
  • Foam cannons help prevent cross-contamination
  • Speeds up the car cleaning process

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