5 Tips For Choosing A Degreaser For Your Commercial Kitchen

July 8, 2021

5 Tips For Choosing A Degreaser For Your Commercial Kitchen

Dirt or grease on a heating exchange coil in your kitchen can significantly increase your power consumption. Accumulated grease, if left unchecked, is not only an inconvenience that gives your kitchen a messy appearance but can also drive up your operational costs. This is why it is very important that you use cleaning products like degreasers in your commercial kitchen. Using the right degreasers in your kitchen will not only make it easier for your cleaning staff to keep the kitchen clean but also save you money.

Degreasers target the residual grease on various kitchen surfaces, including stoves, countertops, walls, and floors. You need to consider your preference when choosing a degreaser for your commercial kitchen, for example, whether you need a ready-to-use diluted solution or a concentrated product. To avoid the strong odor of grease, instead of burning a regular degreaser, you can buy scented products for your kitchen.

Whether it’s a kitchen of a small restaurant or a luxury hotel, maintaining the hygiene of your commercial kitchen is essential to ensure the health and safety of your staff and customers. Dust and grease accumulated over your kitchen’s appliances pose severe health hazards and can put your business at risk of financial loss if the word gets out. People love to dine out, but no one wants to eat in an unhygienic place that does not regard their customer’s safety.

If you are a restaurant owner or manage a hotel business, you need to take your commercial kitchen’s cleanliness seriously. Read our blog to find out which degreaser is the best for your kitchen to make an informed decision.

Choosing The Right Formula

Some degreasers are more effective for certain purposes as compared to others, depending on their formulas. Apart from their effectiveness, there are other features that you need to consider when purchasing a degreaser for your commercial kitchen. For instance, using a residue-free formulation ensures that the surface remains clean for a long time as it does not leave behind any residue, unlike some others.

A degreaser that leaves behind residue attracts dirt and contaminants, rendering your surface dirtier than before. A residue-free degreaser can be used in less amounts and less frequently, saving you money and effort.

A degreaser with a high evaporation rate is also quite useful, as it will ensure that the surface dries quickly. Such products can help maintain low waste disposal costs, and your waste trap will collect less waste. Choosing a degreaser with high-traction properties for your kitchen floor will minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Ensure you use a degreaser for your utensils that is safe and does not cause metal discoloration.

Selecting From Various Types

There are various types of degreasers to choose from, including solvent-based and water-based degreasers. The former is the most commonly used type for stubborn grease residue, but it has toxic fumes that can be harmful if inhaled. The latter type has a faster reaction speed and effectively emulsifies greasy surfaces. Some other types include:

  • Environmental friendly degreasers
  • Petroleum-based degreasers
  • Ammonia-based degreasers
  • Liquid degreasers
  • Foam degreasers
  • Powder degreasers

Concentrated And Diluted Solutions

Degreasers come in both diluted forms, which are ready to use, and concentrated forms that need dilution in water first. Concentrated solutions are flexible, and you can adjust the potency of the solution by adding water for everyday use. However, if you are dealing with more stubborn grease than usual, you can create a more concentrated solution by adding less water.

On the other hand, diluted solutions do not require mixing with water before use because they are already mixed at the optimal formula.

Check For Surface Compatibility

You must check the surface compatibility of a degreaser before purchasing it for your commercial kitchen. Water-based solutions are more suitable and safe for stove-tops as they are less flammable. An acidic cleaner will remove the polish from the surface of your appliances, degrading their outlook.

Choose Reputable Industrial Cleaners

When choosing a commercial kitchen degreaser, ensure that you are investing in the right product. You must consider your safety, that of your staff, and the environment before choosing a product. Select a company that supplies cleaning products that are effective and comply with the industries regulations and commercial kitchen certifications.

Non-toxic degreasers are better for commercial kitchen cleaning. You must consider the flashpoint of various degreasers and check their flammability. Do not use a degreaser with a flammable symbol for kitchen stoves. Storing flammable products can get you penalties from your state as well.

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