Tips For Taking Care Of Your Car’s Clear Coat

September 16, 2020

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Car's Clear Coat

If you are a car owner, you must have probably heard about the term clear coat and how necessary it is to give your car that glossy, high-end shine. It is basically a transparent, non-pigmented layer of a modern-day factory paint job and is applied to the uppermost layer of the car’s paintwork. The process of applying a clear coat is usually included in the manufacturer’s essential paintwork.

A clear coat is crucial to protect the vehicle’s overall paintwork and acts as the finishing touch to give your car that sparkling look. Therefore, to better shield your car’s paintwork from environmental damage, it is necessary to take care of its outermost layer properly. If the clear coat is not adequately maintained, and a clear coat failure occurs, it will make your vehicle look damaged and rusty.

Here are Sunrise Industrial’s top 3 tips that can help you take care of your car’s clear coat.

Wash And Polish Your Car Regularly

Washing and polishing your car comes with many benefits. Regularly cleaning your vehicle with industrial-grade cleaning products will help you keep your vehicle’s clear coat in excellent condition. It will also help reduce the impacts of continuous sun exposure on your vehicle’s paintwork and help prevent any road dirt and wear from becoming evident. Henceforth maintaining your car’s value and helping it look brighter and cleaner for longer.

For the best results, you must wash your car at least once a month. After washing your vehicle carefully, polish it with the right car spray products to keep its glossy finish looking at its best.

Use A Good Car Wax Product

Taking care of your car and maintaining it is the best way to extend its lifespan. Many people believe that taking care of just the engine and the vehicle’s components will do the trick; however, exterior protection is almost as important. One remarkable way to take care of your car’s exterior is by waxing it every three to four months.

Automotive or car wax are specifically formulated and mixed with natural oils and other petroleum distillates. These components allow car wax to be used as shine enhancers. When car wax is applied to a vehicle, it offers a thin layer of protection to its clear coat.

Beyond making your vehicle looking spectacular and shiny, other reasons to wax and detail your car paint are;

  • Car wax protects the car against scratches
  • It allows the dirt to slide off the car’s body instead of grinding into the paint
  • It safeguards the paint from UV damage
  • It improves resale value

However, to attain these benefits, you must make sure that the product you’re using for waxing your car is durable and of high-quality.

Repaint Your Car When Required

If you notice that your vehicle’s paintwork has gotten damaged, and the clear coat appears to be in a failed condition, it is time for you to repaint your car. It is essential to paint it as early as possible, so you don’t have to worry about the damage getting bigger. Furthermore, the longer you keep your car’s clear coat in the damaged state, the more difficult it will become to get rid of it.

If some pollutants are damaging your vehicle’s exterior body, it is a good idea first to get rid of them by using car detailing products. Afterward, you can apply new paint and a fresh clear coat, to restore the vehicle to its former condition.

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