Top 10 Cleaning Applications Of Alcohol

August 26, 2021

Top 10 Cleaning Applications Of Alcohol

In our everyday life, we notice that our various household and everyday use commodities become smudged with dirt, filth, spots and marks due to their regular usage. Most of us wonder what the most effective way to clean all these products is.

In this blog, we mention a cleaning agent called isopropyl alcohol also commonly known as spirit which is usually used for disinfecting injuries and scrapes.

Unlike normal alcohol, rubbing alcohol is incorporated with other chemicals that makes it bitter and undrinkable.

Here are the top 10 cleaning uses of rubbing alcohol.

Permanent Marker

You can easily clean the marks and stains of permanent marker from your uniform and normal clothes by using some rubbing alcohol. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a cloth and wipe the stain. Don’t be too aggressive when rubbing as you might damage the cloth. Wait for a few moments and rinse with lukewarm water.

You can also eliminate the ink of fountain pens, gel pens, and ball-pens with this product.

Cleaning Your Electronic Items

You can also clean your regularly used electronic gadgets like tablets, laptops, mouses, and keyboards easily with this alcohol. Our laptops, mice and keyboards get stained fairly easily mainly because we are normally drinking or eating something while using them. So any time coffee or water gets spilled on them, just pour some alcohol on a cotton bud or a small piece of cloth and wipe the smear site with it.

Note that if the liquid has spilled inside an opening, don’t try to clean it with rubbing alcohol, rather turn off the machine and unplug it from its electrical source to prevent it from short circuiting.

Get Rid Of House Flies

Insects can create real trouble in your daily life. The scents of fruits and vegetables attract them. These flies can bring different types of germs into your house which can result in different diseases.

To prevent house and fruit flies from coming in, take an ordinary spray bottle, fill it with rubbing alcohol and next time they appear, spray it on them.

Smelly Shoes

After a rigorous session of working out in a gym or running in a park our feet become sweaty, giving an unpleasant odor. Spray some rubbing alcohol in your shoes and place your shoes outdoors in direct sunlight to get rid of the smell.

Utensil Stains

Sometimes after scrubbing your utensils multiple times with regular dishwashing soap the stains remain intact.

Use a bottle of rubbing alcohol to scrub your utensils spots. Using a piece of smooth fabric or a sponge rub your utensils and watch as the smudges on your cutlery disappear.

Disposal Of Stickers

You may have dealt with a stubborn and persistent sticker on a wall or container before. Despite everything you try, the sticker still remains due to its powerful adhesive.

To fix this, pour some rubbing alcohol on a piece of cloth and wipe the sticker and leave it for about 5-10 minutes. After some time you will be able to peel off the sticker easily.

Cleaning Your Furniture

Furniture like our sofas, couches and dining chairs can become stained easily. If your furniture is made up of a microfiber cloth like polyester then there is no need to be upset.

All these stains can be easily cleaned away with the help of rubbing alcohol.

Windshield Of Automobiles

This point will surely bring joy to the face of someone who resides in frigid conditions because the biggest trouble they face every morning is frozen snow and frost on the front and rear windows of their vehicle.

Rubbing alcohol can solve this problem in minutes.

Marks On The Floor

Rubbing alcohol can help you clean and remove the stains and marks on your tiles, floor, sink and taps of your kitchen easily.

Just take a cotton piece of fabric and a small amount of rubbing alcohol and scrub the place a few times.

Cleaning The Windows

The outside of windows can collect dust. With the passage of time it can become very difficult to clean them. This can be washed by a rubbing alcohol solution. Mix 1 part of 70% rubbing alcohol and 3 parts of water.

Apply this solution with a sponge and you will be able to clear all of the dust from your windows and frames.

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