What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Degreasers?

November 4, 2020

What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Degreasers?

Degreasers are among the most useful types of cleaning products that industrial plants and facilities use to keep the premises spotless and safe from accidents. There are different types of degreasers. Once you know about the different types, you will be able to make the right informed decision to select the right suitable degreaser for your specific cleaning needs.

What Are Degreasers?

First, you need to know what degreasers are and how they are different from other industrial cleaning products. These are the cleaning products used to clean grease and other petroleum materials insoluble in water.

Degreasers are used in industrial settings to remove oil contaminants and grease from metal surfaces like those found on machinery. They clear the surfaces from sticky and greasy substances spilled in industrial plants.

Let us now have a look at the various types of degreasers available in the market to choose from.

Butyl Degreasers

A butyl degreaser is a type of degreaser that comes in use in all kinds of industrial facilities. The composition of these degreasers is based on water. The most common use case of a butyl degreaser is to clean the substances derived from petroleum products. One example of this is motor oil.

Butyl degreasers perform best when you use them to clean motor oil and lubricants. These substances are used in automotive and other similar types of industries. When you apply a butyl degreaser to a water-insoluble substance, it turns it into a liquid that is easier to clean up from the surface. Making it easier and efficient to clean the greasy stains from the surface.

Non-Butyl Degreasers

There is another type of degreaser that is highly alkaline. Its composition makes it an effective cleaner to remove the stains and remains of animal fat-based grease substances with soap scum. The performance of non-butyl degreasers is best used on these types of surfaces.

The most distinctive characteristic of this type of degreaser is that it doesn’t have any soap, fragrance, or aroma to it. This makes them a perfect choice for restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias to help keep the environment comfortable for customers during and after the cleaning process.

Heavy-duty Degreasers

This type of degreaser is used to remove and clean surfaces contaminated with materials that you cannot scrub using your hands. The composition of heavy-duty degreasers is so strong that it clings on to the hardest of greases and sticky contaminants. This enables these degreasers to clean the surface effectively.

These degreasers clean the machinery area that is contaminated with the most challenging substances that hamper the machinery’s performance. Using the heavy-duty degreasers makes it possible for the machinery to work with the same efficiency before getting contaminated with grease.

Everyday Degreasers

There is another type of degreaser that you can use in your everyday life. This degreaser can help you avoid the buildup of oil and greases on your surroundings. You can apply degreasers in different cases and places. The only difference is the type of degreaser you choose. You need to buy a milder, lighter, and more user-friendly cleaner for everyday use.

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