What Are The Uses Of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol?

March 3, 2023


Isopropyl alcohol, also known as 2-Propanol, is a disinfectant frequently used in cleanrooms, hospitals, and pharmaceutical businesses. It comes in various purity grades, each intended for a particular use. They are effective disinfectants and cleaning agents that, depending on their concentration, can eliminate many bacteria and pollutants.

The two concentrations of isopropyl alcohol are 70% and 99%. In this blog post, we will talk about the difference between 99% and 70% alcohol and the uses of 99% alcohol. Many different industrial cleaning supplies are made with isopropanol alcohol by reliable industrial cleaning product suppliers.

What Variations Exist Between 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Concentrations and 99%?

70% isopropyl alcohol is pure isopropanol diluted with 30% purified water by volume, compared to 99% isopropyl alcohol, which is pure isopropanol. Most bacteria, fungi, and many viruses can be killed by 70% isopropyl alcohol by denaturing their proteins and dissolving their lipids, although this solution does not affect bacterial spores.

Health professionals claim that 70% isopropyl alcohol is sufficient to eradicate most germs and bacteria.

What Is The Purpose Of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol?

99% isopropyl alcohol is used:

  • To act as a solvent, a general-purpose cleaner’s ingredient, or to clean surfaces. 99% isopropyl alcohol won’t corrode metals or plastics, so it can be used extensively on all surfaces without leaving stains, including glass and screens. IPA is highly utilized as an industrial cleaning supply due to its versatility.
  • Since it does not leave a residue that could complicate manufacturing, it is used in industrial cleaning. Most cleaning products need water as a component, yet some electronics and other parts cannot be in contact with water. In addition to cleaning these surfaces, 99% isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving the component residue-free.
  • It is widely used in tattoo and piercing industries to prevent infection from minor surface wounds like cuts and scratches.
  • For cleaning purposes in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. The ability of alcohol to disinfect is well recognized, although solutions with less than 50% alcohol drastically lose this ability. 99% isopropyl alcohol is so efficient that it can be used in medical and laboratory settings.
  • Since it works well as a thinner and may be used in paint strippers, it is utilized in paint thinners and inks. It is also used as an industrial cleaner due to this.

Isopropyl Alcohol 99%

For enterprises that manufacture water-sensitive goods, this concentration of IPA is more frequently utilized as a solvent or cleaning agent. Therefore, using a hydrophobic solvent makes sense. Additionally, it has a shallow flash point and evaporates quickly.

This is helpful for manufacturing computers and electronics, which prefer the fast evaporation of cleaning agents. 99% IPA ensures this happens during the chip, circuit board, and integrated circuit design process. If something spills, it will need to be cleaned up quickly, and the work environment will need to be cleared of contaminants and impediments as soon as feasible.

Rapid evaporation of both of these materials are safe for plastic and do not corrode metal. They are low in climatic impact and safe for the ozone layer. They must be stored in areas free from the risk of fire as they are both combustible, the 99% variety being more so due to its high flash point and the drawback of shortening shelf life. Still, it also guarantees little to no dilution of the alcohol content, making it the favored method for consistency.

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