Widespread Industrial Cleaning Bad Practices That Cost Money

October 20, 2022


From time to time, we emphasize the importance of industrial cleaning and how it differs from commercial and residential cleaning. While cleaning is essential in every space, its importance in an industrial setting is on another level. Given the heavy activity, use of tenacious chemicals, grease marks, cement spills, and every other possible heavy operation in such settings, the risk of pollution-borne illnesses and accidents caused by spills is heightened.

Consequently, the industrial cleaning process stands as the most complex task in the cleaning industry. From the selection of appropriate industrial cleaners to the type of equipment to be used in varying industrial spaces, there is a lot you must consider before commencing this task.

Sadly, many factory owners pay little to no attention to pre-cleaning preparations and effective cleaning strategies and practices. As a result, numerous instances of fatal falls and accidental injuries hit headlines every now and then from various industrial settings.

As reputed cleaning chemical suppliers in Edmonton, we have taken a voluntary initiative to bring down the number of accidents that occur in industrial spaces. In this regard, we primarily strive to educate facility and plant owners regarding safety and proper technique when undertaking any cleaning task.

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To take our endeavours a step further, we shall help you understand the culprits that cause the aforementioned accidents – bad cleaning practices.

Lack Of A Formal And Documented Cleaning Process

While owners of large-scale plants and manufacturing facilities spend a generous amount of time contemplating, planning, and scrutinizing how each operation occurs in their workplace, they give their cleaning procedures very little thought. Some even go to the extent of completely disregarding the idea of regularly cleaning the space. All they do is randomly mop the floors and wipe the equipment occasionally.

What they don’t understand is that this type of negligence does no good to their equipment and machinery and their workforce. Firstly, the accumulation of dirt, grime, and other impurities accelerate corrosion, rust, and other forms of equipment degradation. In turn, this deterioration results in the need for earlier-than-budgeted replacements and repairs.

Similarly, unclean machines are hazardous to the well-being of your workforce. According to MedlinePlus, when an infected person touches a piece of equipment, the germs left on the surface can survive up to five months if not discarded. Given the number of people that alternate in using the same machine while carrying out their duties, you can imagine the rate of disease spread.

To avoid these adversaries, factory owners must implement a formally documented and well-thought cleaning process.

Lack Of Supervision, Accountability, And Isolation Of Responsibility

Besides financial and health problems, improper equipment care also leads to many workspace accidents, theft, and equipment mishandling. If you do not formally document and delegate the execution of each task formally, it will be impossible for you to assign the responsibility for any negligence or carelessness to anyone.

When your employees find out that there is no proper accountability channel in place, they will tend to disregard the importance of diligence and due care. The best way to save yourself from such occurrences and their adverse consequences is to segregate duties in the cleaning process and also implement procedures to isolate responsibility.

Little Attention To The Compatibility And Suitability Of The Cleaning Chemicals

Although cleaning chemicals and their suitability are part of the main cleaning process and its planning, we believe they are important enough to receive separate attention. Another malpractice with regard to industrial cleaning is the lack of awareness of cleaning products, their quality, their compatibility with the type of stain and surface material, and where they are sourced.

What they don’t acknowledge is that cleaning product quality and suitability make or break many cleaning processes. Thus, you must start by scrutinizing the type of stain you need to treat, the machine’s or any surface’s material type, and, ultimately, the type of cleaning product you require.

Then, purchase the required industrial cleaning products from a reputed cleaning chemical supplier.

Inadequate Cleaning Team Training

Unfortunately, people regard cleaning as a trivial task that requires no formal training or technical skills. In an industrial setting, different stain types and their obstinacy will leave you in shock.

Wiping a surface with a sponge soaked in soapy water will get you nowhere. You need to understand the chemical composition of every stain and the most suitable cleaning technique for it. From a safety perspective, training also reduces the odds of accidents during the process.

Limited Emphasis On The Use Of Protective Gear

Speaking of safety, it is very common for people to dismiss the importance of safety gear like gloves, goggles, and fire-repellant clothes. However, this ‘I know it all’ attitude is the major cause of workplace accidents. Industrial cleaners are robust chemicals with sensitive levels of flammability and volatility.

To avoid such incidents, regularly emphasize the significance of wearing protective gear and set severe penalties for those who don’t follow these protocols.

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