Your Guide To A Clean Car With Our Ultra Orange Plus

July 15, 2020

Your Guide To A Clean Car With Our Ultra Orange Plus

There is nothing better than a sparkling clean car parked on your front lawn. Unfortunately, keeping our vehicles neat and spotless all the time is easier said than done. Many of us don’t have enough time on our hands to give our cars that elbow grease detailing. Most of us don’t even think about cleaning our vehicles until someone writes ‘Wash me’ in the dirt on the bodywork.

To keep your set of wheels in good condition and looking its best, you must wash it regularly. Regular cleaning will help prevent any road dirt and wear from becoming noticeable, keeping your car’s value and helping it look brighter and cleaner for longer.

Given that you use the right techniques and premium products like our Ultra Orange Plus, you can wash your car and get a gleaming exterior easily and quickly.

Here is our step-by-step guide to getting yourself a sparkling clean car.

Get Your Tools Ready

When cleaning your car make sure you have the right tools and products at your disposal.

If you were to clean with any car wash products other than Ultra Orange Plus, you would need more time and products to get that gleaming finish look. These things would include a cleaning sponge, wash mitts, a wheel brush, a scrubber, several microfiber cloths, and two to three buckets of water. With our scrub free Ultra Orange Plus, you’ll only need a foam sprayer/cannon and a pressure washer with a spray hose.

An important thing to note is that cleaning a car with any other product other than proper car wash detergents will lead to car paint damage. Car wash detergents and soaps are specifically made to lubricate the dirt and grime settled on the car and remove them without scratching the car’s paint. Ultra Orange Plus is gentle enough not to remove any existing wax on the vehicle.

Pick The Perfect Day And Location

When you have gathered all the necessary tools and products to wash and polish your car, your next step should be to find a perfect day and location to clean your vehicle. Finding a day that will have ideal weather is important as you would not want your car to dry up too quickly on a sunny day and show splotches on its paintwork, nor would you want your vehicle to get soaked up in heavy rain right after you’ve finished cleaning it.

Try to pick a day that is bright and clear and yet not too hot. It’s best to park your car in a location that is spacious, safe, flat, and shady, so you can efficiently wash it.

Foam And Rinse!

Now that everything else is ready, the final step in washing your car with Ultra Orange Plus is to foam or spray the product solution onto the vehicle and then rinse it with water.

Ultra Orange Plus is a premium liquid vehicle wash and brightener designed for effective cleaning of cars, trucks, boats & RV’s with little to no scrubbing. It provides you with the quickest and easiest way to clean your wheels.

To form the solution, mix Ultra Orange Plus 1:100 of water (heavier soiled vehicles will require a more robust solution) and fill it up in the foam cannon. Now spray the solution onto your car, making sure you cover all sides, including the roof, tires, and mirrors. Once the foam has covered the vehicle, let it sit there for 5 minutes. Wash and rinse thoroughly with water afterwards. Wipe the car down in the end with a clean towel, so the water doesn’t leave streaks and spots on the paint.

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