Best Car Washing And Detailing Tips To Make Your Car Look New

February 24, 2022

Best Car Washing And Detailing Tips To Make Your Car Look New

Car enthusiasts worldwide often care for their automobiles like they would for their kids or a partner. As a result, they never leave the apple of their eye at the mercy of commercial car washes and prefer to do the deed by themselves. Hence, they invest an admirable amount of time and money into selecting the appropriate car wash supplies and car detailing products to ensure that their sweetheart remains in the best physical form at all times.

Every other weekend, you often see a neighbour lovingly scrubbing off the dirt and debris from their car. However, with every wash, the car seems to lose its original glamour and glitz that used to take your breath away. Despite trying your best and spending numerous hours, the result is only a seemingly clean yet dull car with patches of scratches due to over scrubbing.

People often switch from expensive product to product with the misconception that the car wash and detailing supplies are not up to the standard. However, let us reveal a secret to you today. Yes, the quality of your car wash products has an effect on the quality of the results you obtain after each wash. But the former is of no use if you do not follow the correct technique.

As providers of unrivalled car wash supplies and car detailing products, we shall use this blog to equip you with some tricks and tips to make your car look brand new after each wash.

But for you to understand the tips better, we would first like to bring your attention to a crucial issue:

The Difference Between Car Washing And Detailing

You may have realised that the two terms are often used interchangeably. However, they refer to very different processes. While car washing refers to the basic activities of simply washing the vehicle using car wash soap and water, car detailing goes a step further and includes critical processes like drying, polishing, waxing, and the application of a sealant.

Usually, people work hard in washing and scrubbing a car but neglect the detailing part. You might be surprised to learn that proper and adequate detailing is what gives your vehicle that glistening mystique. Hence, the importance of both processes can not be overlooked. Consequently, we shall first mention a few car washing tips and then move to detailing.

Car Washing Tips

People often make a lot of mistakes when washing their cars. Unfortunately, these mistakes result in the deterioration of their car’s beauty. Here are some tips to avoid the latter:

1. Invest In The Right Equipment And Products

Simply soaking a piece of cloth in a random bucket of water mixed with a floor cleaner is not the way to treat your beloved car. Just like you would not use washing powder to wash your hair, you should not be cleansing your car with floor cleaning detergents. Hence, the first step is to invest in the right equipment.

2. Use Two Different Buckets

Do not use the same equipment to clean your tires and the rest of the car. Instead, use a separate bucket for the tires and another one for the rest of the surfaces.

3. Start From The Top And Work Your Way Down

Never wash the tires before the upper part of the car. This is because after washing the tires, when you move to the upper surface, the dirt from there will settle onto the tires, and you will have to clean them again.

4. Clean The Interior

The interior is just as important as the exterior. Hence, vacuum the carpets, clean the dashboard, the steering area, seats, as well as the other parts. In the end, you could spray a bit of a flowery scent to give it a fresh vibe.

Car Detailing Tips

1. Apply A Tar Remover

Tar is a stubborn stain, and regular car wash products have a hard time easily removing it. Buy a product specifically meant to remove tar and use it on your car.

2. Adequately Dry The Exterior

You would not like to see dried water patches dulling your car’s magnificence. Hence, properly dry your vehicle with a towel.

3. Lubricate The Hinges

Hearing a screeching sound when opening your car’s trunk is the most annoying feeling. Hence, it is advisable that you lubricate the hinges and latches of your car.

4. Polish And Wax The Surface Or Apply A Sealant

Lastly, our aim is to maintain and retain the brilliance and beam of your car. Resultantly, polish your car and then apply wax or a sealant to retain its beauty and give it the brilliant shimmer your eyes crave.

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