Mistakes People Make When Washing Their Cars

January 6, 2022

Mistakes People Make When Washing Their Cars

While most car enthusiasts find the act of washing their cars enjoyable and a way of strengthening the bond, others see it as a daunting task. For those who hold a strong emotional attachment towards their automobile, car washing is a task they await. Contrarily, others deter the task and delay it as much as they can.

Regardless of the case, both groups are prone to committing errors. The majority of the time, people are unaware of what they are doing is incorrect. In fact, they might think that what they are doing is actually beneficial for the vehicle but in reality it isn’t.

For example, individuals often use a sponge with a belief that its softer surface is much safer for the car. Instead, the sponge’s flat surface accumulates little pieces of dirt, which are then rubbed against the car’s surface, culminating in unsightly swirl marks all over the place. Resultantly, the remarkable beauty of your gorgeous car pales after washing instead of improving.

What people fail to realise is that the cleaning equipment, car wash supplies, and technique, play a huge role in the longevity of their car’s exterior beauty and paint life. In truth, you have to change your washing techniques based on the season as well. For instance, the process you follow for washing your car in summer will significantly differ from how you do it in winter.

As a result, this blog post will address the common mistakes people make when washing their cars. To spare the elegance of your brand new car, avoid these mistakes.

Mistakes To Avoid When Washing Your Car

Clearly, no one wants their new car to have scratches or blemishes just after a few washes, so save yourself the heartbreak by simply avoiding these:

Washing In The Afternoon

Washing your car when the sun is right over your head might make the task quite cumbersome. Frequent afternoon car washers will understand the pain of the extra effort needed to remove dried soap. It is simple science: when the heat is intense, the soap will dry up before you get the chance to wipe it off. Consequently, you will have to put in more effort to rinse off the soap which will require more water.

As an alternative, if you decide to ignore the dried soap, you forego the luxurious look of the car.

In a world where water conservation is a major concern, the latter does not sound like a wise option. For this reason, we suggest you schedule washing your car either in the morning (before 10:00 AM) or in the evening (after 4:00PM).

Improper Equipment

This point is in line with the sponge example we gave earlier. Just like your body needs the right scrub for washing, so does your car. Yes, even though a mechanical one, your car also has a body which should be cared for equally. Using the wrong type of equipment to clean it will not only deteriorate its look but also cost you some good money to repaint the car.

Thus, it is essential that you invest in the right type of car cleaning kit for the sake of your vehicle.

Unreliable Car Wash Supplies

Another mistake car owners make is using unreliable or the wrong type of detergents for their cars. Would you wash your body with a floor cleaner? Then why do so to your car?

Using inappropriate cleaning products may result in quick paint fading and erosion. Consequently, the car’s metal body will then be exposed to harsh weather elements resulting in corrosion.

Moreover, purchasing products from an unreliable supplier will result in the above consequences as well. As a result, always purchase the right products from a reputable supplier.

Leaving It To A Car Wash

While having a car wash take care of the process sounds like a good alternative to washing a car by yourself, it may sometimes backfire. For instance, the car wash to which you take your vehicle may have served another car that became smudged in mud and dirt. Resultantly, the spinning brushes may have trapped some of that dirt. So when your car is run through such a wash, the results may cause you to squint.

Hence, it is better to take the matter into your own hands. Besides, no one loves and cares for your car the way you do. So why rely on anyone else?

Starting From The Bottom Up

Let us consider our body’s example once again. Would you rather wash your feet and then use the same soap to wash your face? Obviously not. The same applies to your car. Start from the top and work your way down, not the opposite.

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