How To Choose A Floor Cleaner

May 7, 2022

How To Choose A Floor Cleaner

Cleaning floors is one of the most important tasks in terms of hygiene. Whether you are in an industry, a corporate office, or in a home getting the floor squeaky clean is crucial. Our floors receive a lot of foot traffic, and therefore, it is necessary to keep it clean using high-quality floor cleaners.

As you walk through the aisles of a supermart, you might find it confusing to choose the right type of floor cleaner which suits your requirements. A floor cleaner must be able to clean the floor and prevent bacteria from forming again on its surface. As floor cleaners are used in various areas depending on the type of the floor and the degree of the cleaning you require, it becomes necessary for you to choose the right kind of floor cleaner.

This blog post will help you understand the different floor detergents and how to choose one.

What Is Your Floor’s Condition?

Knowing the condition of your floor will help you determine how efficient a floor cleaner should be. By condition, we do not only mean the age of the floor but whether the floor is carpeted or not.

Most carpet cleaning does not require any kind of detergent as most carpets are vacuumed regularly. For industrial carpets, cleaning them a couple of times a week is okay, while for busy facilities such as restaurants, schools, or universities, daily cleaning is necessary.

There are special floor cleaners called industrial floor cleaners that you can buy for industrial floors. Such cleaners can help you clean industrial floors, which have grease, grime and dust build-up.

Many people might think that floor cleaners are required only when a deep cleaning is necessary. But this does not mean that the floor’s cleaning liquids cannot be used on a regular basis. Many heavy traffic areas require regular floor cleaning, so finding the right type of floor cleaner is quite important.

Consider The Material Of Your Flooring

Before you decide on a floor cleaner, it is necessary to examine and determine the material of your floors. Some floors have shiny surfaces, and so the floor cleaners that are chosen for them should be formulated in such a way that it can protect the shine, emulsify and clean the floor without damaging its properties. Oiled wood, bamboo, stone, hardwood, or luxury vinyl are different materials used for floors, and so you will have to choose a floor cleaner accordingly.

Choose The Right Cleaning Solution

Different types of floor cleaning products are available in the market that offer spot cleaning, deep cleaning, and other specialized services. Some of them are used for cleaning grease build-up and scuff marks. Therefore, you must pick the right cleaning solution that can clean up the dirt or grind you want to remove from the floor or if you need it for daily cleaning.

Try To Choose Plant-based Floor Cleaning Solutions

Many reputed brands now offer plant based cleaning solutions. These are environmentally friendly products that do not have as much of an impact on the environment and are pet safe.

Determine If The Floor Is Coated Or Uncoated

Determining whether the floor is coated or uncoated is also necessary to choose the right type of floor cleaner. For instance, hard woods and laminates are suitable for liquid cleaners, but you have to clean the cleaner quickly; otherwise, prolonged exposure can cause damage to the floors. Similarly, tile flooring may require non-abrasive cleaners. Determining whether your floor is coated or uncoated can help you get a suitable float cleaner for your floors.

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