How To Effectively Clean And Maintain Concrete Floors

January 28, 2022

How To Effectively Clean And Maintain Concrete Floors

Thus far, you may have been under the perception that concrete is only used as a flooring material for garages, parking areas, driveways, and commercial settings. But you will be surprised to learn that the material is also used for indoor flooring in residential and official settings as well.

In the current era’s busy work life that rarely gives one a chance to thoroughly clean their dwellings’ tiled or marble floors, concrete serves as a viable and worthwhile investment. However, the latter does not suggest that concrete flooring requires no maintenance. In order to retain the floors’ good characteristics, people have to be very careful with the cleaning method they intend to use and select the right cleaner for their concrete floors.

Hence, we shall devote today’s blog to the subject of best concrete floor cleaning practices that will help your floor last longer and successfully endure pressure.

The topic might sound very simple, but did you ever consider the fact that the concrete floor of your house is quite different from the one in a warehouse or a factory? Hence, the cleaning procedures for both will be worlds apart. As a result, we shall discuss residential and industrial concrete floor cleaning concurrently.

Residential Vs. Industrial Concrete Floors

Indeed, the two will be pretty different from each other due to the roles they have to play. While residential concrete floors are sturdy enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, they can not carry the weight of heavy industrial machinery and the toxicity of the strong chemicals. Evidently, the cleaning procedure and type of cleaners for both floors will be quite different.

As a result, residential floors can be easily cleaned using simple equipment such as a broom, bucket of water, a reasonably modest floor cleaner, and perhaps a brush for stubborn stains. Contrarily, industrial concrete floor cleaning necessitates the use of more sophisticated cleaning equipment, a lot of manpower, and strong chemicals. Moreover, the people in charge of the cleaning also have to abide by the safety precautions while handling the industrial cleaners.

Since the two are quite different, let us discuss each in separate sections:

Residential Concrete Floor Cleaning

Residential concrete floors are relatively easier to clean and maintain. In fact, concrete floors are popular since they are highly resistant to stains and are non-porous. However, if these floors are not adequately maintained, they will begin eroding, leading to dusty floors even after cleaning. Let us discuss how you should clean a residential floor.

1. Remove The Debris And The Dust

The first step in any cleaning process is to remove whatever dust and debris a broom can sweep away. Hence, start by thoroughly sweeping the floor to remove dust, debris, and other solid material.

2. Mop Or Gently Scrub The Floor To Remove Stubborn Stains

Typically, we would recommend gentle mopping of the floor, but if you unintentionally spilt tea or soup, you will need to incorporate some bit of scrubbing into the process. Nevertheless, keep it gentle.

3. Do Not Use A cleaner With A High Or Low pH

This point is the most important one. Floor cleaners are often either alkaline or acidic. In both cases, the chemical composition of concrete will be disturbed leading to corrosion. Hence, always ensure that you use a cleanser with a neutral pH.

4. Wax The Floor And Apply A Sealant

Lastly, you do not want your home’s floor to appear dull, do you? Therefore, after the cleaning is done, wax the floor and reapply the sealant to conserve the floor’s perks.

Industrial Concrete Floor Cleaning

Contrarily, industrial concrete floors are harder to clean due to the massive amount of foot traffic they receive as well as heavy machinery dragging, and spilling of chemicals and other materials. Thus a simple sweep or mop job will not suffice.

1. Remove The Dust Particles

Well, the first step is quite similar to that of residential concrete floor cleaning. Perhaps the difference will be in the size of the brooms and the number of people doing it.

2. Thoroughly Scrub The Floor Using The Right Equipment

A simple mop won’t do any good in an industrial setting. While some people may even go to the extent of using a single machine such as a Karcher, an average industrialist may use less sophisticated cleaning and washing equipment. The idea is to not exceed your budget.

Moreover, it is also essential that you choose the right industrial cleaners that will not distort the floor’s chemical composition but are strong enough to remove any stains.

3. Vacuum The Floor To Dry It

Lastly, unlike a residential floor that can be left to dry on its own, industrial floors need to be dried quickly so that the production processes may resume.

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