How To Clean And Disinfect Your Safety Equipment

January 20, 2022

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Safety Equipment

Cleanliness and safety go further than just having the right equipment and supplies on hand. In a pandemic hit world, it is even more important to keep your environment clean and safe at work. Using effective cleaning products and methods can help you prevent damage and germs from contaminating your office area.

It is not only important to keep the environment clean and protected but also the employees. Your cleaning staff should use PPE while using various industrial cleaners. However, this is not where the protection efforts should stop. You need to make sure that the safety equipment is also clean and disinfected. The use of proper cleaning agents can save your gear from damage and make it last longer.

The following blog post provides you with some useful tips on how you can clean and disinfect your safety gear.


Properly cleaning your safety harness is not difficult but requires special care to make sure you don’t damage it during the process. All you need is a soapy liquid. Dip the harness into it for a few minutes, then clean every part of the harness by scrubbing. Once done, let it dry (out of the sun). However, there are special considerations to keep in mind to get the best results.

  • Make sure that the soap you are using is not too abrasive or contains chlorine or bleach. These additives can damage the harness fabric and damage its integrity.
  • Don’t use the washer or dryer to wash the harness. This shortcut will only damage the fabric and decrease its functionality.
  • Don’t use a steam dryer or leave the harness in the sun for too long to dry it. The intense heat can damage the fabric.

Conclusively, with a harness, your ultimate goal is to clean it without damaging the fabric. The use of good-quality laundry soaps can do the job with the proper procedures applied.

Gloves And Lanyards

Similar to a harness, gloves and lanyards should be cleaned using soft soaps and scrubbed using a soft brush or a rag. Gloves or any other fiber-based protective equipment should not be soaked, it will adversely affect the fibers longevity. If you are using rubber gloves for electrical work make sure you don’t use bleach to wash them as any leftover particle can be hazardous.


Hardhats are easy to clean. Just rub it with soap and rinse it with water till all the dust and grime are gone. You can clean the inner side of the hardhat in the same way. After rinsing and drying it with a towel, leave it to dry in a tepid environment out of the sun.


Goggles can also be cleaned using a water and soap solution. For Goggles, you can soak them but make sure not to saturate the fabric straps. After soaking it in a soap solution, rinse the goggles and dry them using a clean rag and let drip dry.

Safety Concerns When Cleaning

Whenever you are cleaning safety equipment or just simply performing a cleaning task make sure to stay as safe as possible. If you are near a safety hazard make sure to bring the equipment to a safer place before cleaning them.

Moreover, if you are required to perform tasks that require the use of some equipment and supplies that you are not familiar with, it can be risky. So, first, learn about the safe use of the equipment and then continue your job.

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