Crucial Industrial Cleaning Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

June 16, 2022

Crucial Industrial Cleaning Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Regardless of the industry type, keeping an eye out for prominent trends is always beneficial. Surely, you spend some time every once in a while checking in on the latest trends in fashion, entertainment, and even the tourism industry. But surprisingly, you do not pay the same attention to the industry that deals with your everyday hygienic requirements – the cleaning industry.

In contrast to the widespread perception that the cleaning industry has little room for evolution, this sector is significantly reliant on technological advancements, and thanks to them, it has transformed a lot over the years. From the improvements in the chemical composition of cleaning products to the heightened use of automation and robots in cleaning practices, a lot of exciting stuff has happened and is happening in this sector.

Well, if you are amongst those that think cleaning trends are not their cup of tea and are only crucial for cleaning companies, get your thoughts straight. In the end, you are the one that requires cleaning chemicals for your factories, offices, and even homes. Thus, these trends will help you select the best products, services, and ultimately the most reliable cleaning products suppliers in 2022.

Fortunately, you do not have to go very far for this information. This blog post discusses the most important cleaning industry trends and advancements that have gained the spotlight in 2022.

The “Go Green’ Surge

It appears to be in our nature as humans to ignore looming crises until they arrive at our doorstep. Only then do we begin frantically looking for and enforcing solutions. Glacial melt, global warming, and the deteriorating Ozone layer have always been a part of our discussion. And they have only remained just that – a mere part of our discussions and TV debates. However, the sudden rise in global temperatures has opened everyone’s eyes.

Until now, green services and organic products were a mere vogue. However, the enhanced enlightenment amongst people has made ‘going green’ a must for every industry with the cleaning industry being no exception to this. In the past few years, cleaning chemical manufacturers have drastically resolved to seek out greener alternatives to chemically harsh cleaning products due to the rising condemnation from the public.


Today, environmental conservation has become an important part of corporate social responsibility. All companies are required to be transparent about the environmental impacts of their operations. Accordingly, the cleaning industry has put in concerted efforts to reduce chemical and non-biodegradable waste. Similarly, cleaning equipment manufacturers have switched to recyclable materials, and the overall water consumption has been reduced. These efforts have been explicitly appreciated in many parts of the world.

By the end of 2022, we will likely witness a tremendous shift towards greener products and services in the industry.


The need for customized cleaning products has always been a hot topic in the industry. However, no one had expected the cleaning industry to reach this level of product and service customization. As we speak, the most reputed cleaning product suppliers in Edmonton offer highly specialized cleaning chemicals. From car wash supplies to industrial degreasers, the hyper-specialization within each subcategory leaves everyone in awe.

In 2022 and beyond, industry experts expect hyper-specialization to reach new levels.

Process Automations And The Use Of Robots

It is not only the construction, health, and agriculture industries that have enjoyed enhanced automation. Know that the cleaning industry has also made considerable improvements in this regard. A simple example of automation is a dishwasher, and a more recent one includes highly programmable factory floor and equipment cleaning machines.

Not very long ago, it was challenging to find feasible alternatives to sending workers to extremely dangerous industrial settings for cleaning purposes. However, robots gradually ceased to be a part of our movies and entered the real world, including the cleaning industry. Currently, many large cleaning corporations utilize robots to carry out cleaning tasks in hazardous settings.

Although this trend is not prevalent at the moment, it will become the talk of the town in the near future.

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