Different Types of Industrial Cleaners and their Uses

March 26, 2020

Different Types of Industrial Cleaners and their Uses

No matter if you’re operating a large industrial building or a relatively smaller retail outlet, it’s vital to keep your workplace neat and clean round the clock, especially these days. A tidy work environment not only helps enterprises in attracting more customers but also assists in maintaining productivity levels of their employees.

However, keeping your commercial place spotless is not an easy task to achieve, as it means having enough knowledge about all the different kinds of industrial cleaning products.

To help you achieve the optimum level of cleanliness in your commercial and industrial premises, we want to provide you with an overview of different types of industrial cleaners and their uses.

Water-based Solutions

Water-based cleaning agents contain water as their primary ingredient. They usually arrive in a large vessel or container. A mop, brush, or rag is required to use this kind of cleaner on a contaminated surface. Water-based cleaners are generally characterized based on their respective pH levels and are utilized under diverse conditions.

Acidic: cleaners with pH levels from zero to 7 are known as acidic cleaning agents. They are usually used to get rid of mineral stains like rusts and hard-water build-up. Acids are extremely useful in cutting through tough stains and detaching them from different kinds of industrial surfaces

Alkaline: cleaners with pH levels from 7 to 14 are commonly called alkaline cleaning chemicals. Alkalines can remove waxes, oils, dirt, and greases effectively. They react with fats, break them down, and as a result, remove them from various industrial floors, machine, and tools

Solvent-based Solutions

Solvent-based cleaning products consist of one or more chemicals as main components. They are either acidic or alkaline, which largely depends on the nature of the primary compound present in them. Solvent-based solutions are also called degreasers.

These types of disinfectants are further categorized as general and specific purpose-based cleaners. General-purposes solvents are commonly used to clean all kinds of surfaces, while specific-purpose solutions are utilized to wash certain surfaces such as chrome, wood, steel, and others.

Water-soluble Solvent-based Solutions

These kinds of industrial disinfectants have both water as well as solvents in them and are used to cleanse different types of industrial surfaces. Water-soluble solvent-based solutions are considered to be one of the most essential kinds of industrial cleaning products. They need to be stored in large quantities, hence, also known as “all-purpose” cleaning agents.


Detergents are well-known for their multiple industrial applications, such as effective cleaning of various commercial facilities and equipment. They are also further classified as acidic and alkaline cleaners. In rare cases, both acidic and alkaline forms are mixed under controlled conditions to produce a particular type of detergent, which is used to achieve more significant cleaning results.

Cleaning agents like “Clean All” are mostly utilized to get rid of sharp oils and greases from a variety of equipment and surfaces such as coveralls, entrance mats, shop towels, and more.


Abrasive cleaners are mostly used for scrubbing hard-to-clean grime and dirt from hard commercial kitchen and floor surfaces. Nonetheless, these types of cleaning agents must be used with significant care to prevent breaking or scratching of kitchen tools like stainless steel and plastic materials.

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