Tips For The Effective And Efficient Use Of Industrial Degreasers

April 21, 2022


Certainly, industrial cleaning is a highly complex process. Unlike commercial and residential buildings, where the extent of cleaning required is far less intricate, an industrial setting poses many cleaning challenges. From getting rid of stubborn oil stains and grease marks to the proper handling of the industrial degreasers and other cleaning chemicals, there is so much you have to take care of. Above all, the safety of your cleaning crew is the most critical and unneglectable aspect of the whole procedure.

Honestly speaking, the latter is not very hard to acknowledge and comprehend. While most commercial and residential cleaning chemicals simply dissolve and remove relatively docile stains like dirt, tea, ink, and sugar solutions, degreasers get rid of far more obstinate and insoluble stains such as wax, oil, and grease piles. Thus, their chemical composition is far more vigorous as they possess the strength to break down the chemical compounds of these stubborn stains.

If these chemicals are not handled properly, they may not only damage the plant and equipment but also pose life threats to the cleaning crew and other employees.

In order to help you avoid any mishap during the industrial cleaning process, this blog will provide you with a few handling tips specific to industrial degreasers. Abiding by these will help keep everyone in your plant or manufacturing facility safe and healthy.

Industrial Degreaser Usage And Best Practices

Train The Cleaning Crew On The Proper Handling Of Industrial Cleaners

As mentioned earlier, employee safety is the most critical aspect of any operation you undertake on your business premises, including cleaning. Even residential cleaning chemicals, which are pretty mild and relatively less robust, demand a great deal of care and diligence when being used. Imagine the danger posed by industrial degreasers.

Unlike residential cleaning products, which possess a relatively harmless chemical composition, industrial degreasers are made of dangerous chemicals like hydrofluoric acid, acetic acid, and phosphoric acid. Thus, a slight slip might result in life-threatening situations.

In order to avoid any such event, you must delegate the cleaning task to a specific team. Then, train the cleaning crew and the employees regarding the use of these chemicals. This will ensure that the rest of the employees avoid any unnecessary physical contact with such chemicals.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Although PPE use is part of the training session mentioned above, we believe it is of utmost precedence to address its importance separately to emphasize the matter’s significance. Due to the chemical reactiveness of degreasers, the cleaning crew and anyone in close proximity to these chemicals must wear protective gear to safeguard themselves.

The Canadian Centre For Occupational Health and Safety has drafted a comprehensive PPE information worksheet including the PPE required when handling chemicals.

Purchase The Right Industrial Degreasers

Every degreaser is different. Therefore, you must spend time understanding your setting and the type of stains you need to get rid of. Then, request a reliable cleaning chemical supplier to suggest the best type of degreaser for your industrial cleaning needs.

Go Green!

The benefits of using eco-friendly chemical supplies can not be emphasized enough. To reduce the harmful environmental impact your cleaning chemicals and its waste has, we suggest that you opt for eco-friendly degreasers.

Use The Industrial Cleaners As Per The Manufacturer’s Instructions

This is the most common mistake most cleaning crews make. Simply pouring out the chemical on a surface and scrubbing it might not be the right way to handle every stain. Misuse or overuse of these chemicals may do more harm than good to your equipment and the premises as a whole. Thus, your team must always read the manufacturer’s instructions and use the product accordingly.

Store The Degreasers In A Safe And Isolated Room

Besides being highly toxic, most degreasers are also incredibly flammable due to the presence of alcohol in their composition. Evidently, leaving such volatile and sensitive chemicals lying about in a factory setting may result in detrimental accidental fires and blasts. Therefore, these degreasers must be stored in a secure and isolated room after each cleaning session. Moreover, this room should also be clean, well ventilated, and not be used for any other purpose.

Never Mix Industrial Cleaners With Other Cleaning Products

Lastly, NEVER mix chemicals, for you don’t know how toxic or volatile the end product might turn out to be. You must have learned in your chemistry class that mixing chemicals may lead to harmful gas releases and even explosions. You wouldn’t want such things to occur in your factory, now would you?

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