How To Clean And Detail Your Car’s Interior

December 3, 2020

How To Clean And Detail Your Car's Interior

Buying a car is not as challenging as maintaining it! This comes as a surprise, as when it comes to car detailing, we end up going to professionals. Who although can clean your vehicle thoroughly, tend to be very expensive. Hence, frequent car cleaning becomes costly, resulting in occasional visits and overdue maintenance.

You can avoid this; here is how. We have compiled tips and techniques for an inexpensive yet easy car detailing you can do right at your home.

Basic Cleaning Essentials For Your Car’s Interior

A vacuum cleaner, a few cleaning products, a brush, and wiping material is all you need! A Vacuum cleaner, a common household appliance, can be used to clean the carpeted interiors of your car. If your vacuum cleaner comes with a hand-held attachment and extension hose, look at this as a bonus. You can efficiently utilize these to clean the hard-to-reach spots inside your car, such as the nooks and corners around your car seats.

The air vents inside your vehicle need regular cleaning as they receive a lot of dust. For their cleaning, a brush is an ideal applicator. For scrubbing and polishing surfaces, use some sort of wiping material, like a rag or a towel. However, make sure the cloth you use is free of chemical residue. An ideal fabric to employ for this purpose is a microfiber cloth. Furthermore, utilizing a few cleaning products for your cars interior can help you achieve that spick and span finish you receive from professional detailing.

Carpets And Floor Mats

As mentioned above, carpets and floor mats can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Hand-held models are ideal if you have one. However, if you do not have a portable vacuum, carpet cleaning products can be your alternative solution. Sunrise Industrial cleaners provides you with a variety of eco-friendly carpet cleaners that not only do the job well but are also safe to use with no side effects or health hazards.

You only have to spray them over the tough stains or the carpets surface. Followed by brushing with a soft bristle brush and wiping it off with a rag or cloth. Although, ensure not to dampen the surfaces too much, as it can lead to mold or mildew growth if not dried properly.

Car Seats

It is essential to consider the material used when it comes to cleaning your car’s seats. Most car seats have vinyl, leather, or a cloth covering. However, each requires a different cleaning procedure. They all need a thorough prior cleaning with a vacuum before any products are applied. It is best to use a towel when it comes to cleaning leather seats.

A leather cleaning compound is a must, as it not only cleans the surface but can help maintain the brand-new look of your car’s seats. Once the product is applied, rub the surface clean using a towel while continually changing sides. Vinyl and cloth seats are relatively easy to clean because even essential cleaning products can work for them. Spray the product over your car’s seats and wipe them off using a rag or cloth. Viola, your seats will be spotless!

Car Dashes and Panels

These are a few of your car’s interior parts that need detailed cleaning. They are easily noticeable, yet the most difficult areas to clean. It is recommended to use a wax polish on your console’s shiny surfaces and rub it clean using a microfiber cloth. To clean the panels and interiors of your air vents, it is best to use a screwdriver wrapped up in fabric, as it will easily be able to reach inside the tight grooves.

At Sunrise Industrial Cleaners, we offer a wide range of cleaning products for your car’s interior, from carpet cleaning detergents to scented wax and polishes. All our products are eco-friendly. Hence, they pose no threats to your health if inhaled or used inside the car. Visit our website to learn more about our quality products or contact us for a free quote.

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