How To Properly Wash Your Car Using Recommended Car Wash Products

January 14, 2020

How To Properly Wash Your Car Using Recommended Car Wash Products

Many car owners like to wash their vehicles at home rather than taking them to a car wash center. Before you prepare for your next car wash, make sure you understand and have the right car wash products available. Whether you want to repair your car or wash it, there are certain products and techniques you can use to bring about ideal results.

Before you buy car wash products, it’s important to understand that some products are abrasive and not eco-friendly. When we use abrasive products to wash vehicles, it leads to scratched and damaged paint. To keep your car in perfect condition, you need car wash products that not only meet quality standards but also put less burden on your budget. Let’s take a look at the right car wash process:

Prepare Your Car

Park your car at a point where it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. When washed and parked in direct sunlight, it can lead to splotches on the paint due to premature drying. Direct sunlight makes the water evaporate more quickly and makes the washing process more difficult. The next preparation step is to retract the antenna and properly close all windows to prevent water from getting inside the car.

Gather All Car Wash Products And Tools

Some of the most important items in your car wash toolkit are foam conditioner, a large supply of water for washing and rinsing, microfiber cloths or towels, and a hose. You also need a separate brush to scrub the tires, a sponge and wash mitts to make the washing process easy.

Make sure to buy premium quality car wash products to safely clean your vehicle and improve its visual appearance. Once you have everything ready, be prepared to get soapy and wet. Taking into account the weather conditions, wear proper clothing and appropriate footwear.

When preparing a cleaning solution, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations to determine the water-to-product ratio. You can fill buckets with water and soap; one for the body of your car and the other one for your car’s wheel wells and more hard-to-clean areas. Also, fill one bucket with plain water for rinsing.

Wash Your Vehicle

First, hose off the car to soften the dirt. It’s advisable not to use a strong jet of water as it can scratch the paint. When hosing off the car, keep the jet downwards on surfaces. Once all the dirt on your car is loosened, you can proceed to the next step.

It’s a good idea to start the cleaning process with the tires, since they are the dirtiest part. This way, dirt rinsed off the wheels won’t land on other clean parts of your car. A skinny wheel brush is a good tool to clean the openings of the wheels.

A large wash mitt can be used to wash your vehicle. Soak a large sponge in the cleaning solution and apply it to the car. Don’t use a brush to remove dirt on your car.

Rinse Each Section

After washing all the sections, rinse them with the hose. It’s important to keep the soap wet to avoid stains on paint. Follow a top-to-bottom pattern when rinsing. Clean the sidewalls with a plastic brush.

Dry And Wax

You can use several pieces of cloth to dry and wipe down the vehicle. Don’t give rust a chance to build up by leaving any water standing on surfaces. After thoroughly drying your car, apply polish or wax. You can use Luster Wax to protect the paint from the sun.

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