Industrial Cleaning Misconceptions Widely Accepted As Truths

October 6, 2022


Misconceptions are a part of our lives. Be it in our homes, offices, schools, or any other place of human interaction, you must have realized that fallacies spread faster than facts. In fact, false information is more wholeheartedly accepted than genuine certitudes. The latter could be because false information is generally easier to digest than the bitter truth.

For instance, most people will readily agree that the person holding the knife next to a dead body covered in blood is the killer. However, they will find it hard to believe that the person was just a passerby who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and, to his misfortune, picked up the knife out of curiosity. Why? Because the former explanation is more straightforward and makes more sense than the latter.

Nevertheless, ease or straightforwardness should never be an excuse to do the wrong thing and expect the right results. The same applies to our industrial cleaning industry as well. You can’t justify a wrong cleaning technique just because it is widespread or uncomplicated. As reputed suppliers of industrial cleaning products, it is painful and quite unsettling for us to witness that cleaning misconceptions are not only widespread but also widely accepted as correct measures.

Given the danger such misconceptions pose to the employees of facilities that allow these kinds of mishandlings of the cleaning process, we believe it is our duty to do what we can to stop such practices. So to voice out our concerns and enlighten factory and facility owners, this blog post will discuss some common industrial cleaning misconceptions that have cascaded down to cleaning processes and their adverse impacts.

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Industrial Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning Are Synonymous

While most people acknowledge the difference between residential and commercial cleaning, they fail to understand that industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning are two different things. The only common thing between the two is that they involve cleaning a setting where formal business operations are undertaken. Besides this, the two processes require very different cleaning products, techniques, equipment, and skills. These differences arise as the dissimilarity between the businesses activities that occur in commercial and industrial settings differ.

It isn’t very hard to understand that an office or a supermarket requires different cleaning methods from a factory or a manufacturing plant. Alas, business owners pay little attention to these dissimilarities. The result is that they end up paying for the wrong type of cleaning products and services. On the other hand, unreliable suppliers also remain silent about it because who wants to lose a client?

All Industrial Degreasers Work The Same Way

Another significant misconception that often results in substantial losses is about industrial degreasers. People falsely believe that all degreasers work the same way as the root cause of a greasy stain is the same – grease and oil. However, that is not the case. The grease stains found in a car manufacturing facility will be far different from those in a commercial kitchen or a construction site. For instance, all gastrointestinal diseases are not the same just because they attack the same area.

Likewise, the material type on which grease stains are present also determines the suitability and compatibility of a particular degreaser. Degreasers are harsh chemicals usually made from strong alkalis to chemically weaken and break a grease bond. Thus, misusing them can backfire and actually weaken the surface, such as the metal on which they are used.

Using Excessive Volumes Of Cleaning Chemicals Reap Better Results

‘The more, the merrier is not always a good philosophy to follow, especially when it comes to cleaning. If a stain is not moving despite you using the cleaning product correctly and doing all in your might, it means the product is not meant to treat the stain in question. So even if you pour out the whole bottle (which is not viable), the results will never be satisfactory.

Instead of aggressively treating the problem with the wrong solution, invest in the right product. Likewise, also adhere to the dilution instructions.

Mixing Cleaning Products Can Bring Out The Best Outcome

This misconception goes a step further than the one above. In this case, people believe that the manufacturer put the instructions for use on the product bottle for no apparent important reason.

You must remember that mixing industrial cleaners is not the same as mixing vinegar and baking soda. These are harsh, toxic, and flammable chemicals that shouldn’t be experimented with. Such practices often lead to detrimental consequences.

Pros Do Not Need Protective Gear

This is perhaps the most widely accepted fallacy. Just because one is well acquainted with their work does not mean they do not need to adhere to the safety measures. No matter how experienced you are, you face the equal risk of a mishap as a person with no experience.

All Industrial Cleaning Products Suppliers Are The Same

Not all suppliers will put client satisfaction and safety at the core of their operations. We proudly stand as Edmonton’s top-rated industrial cleaning product supplier due to our firm commitment to integrity and product quality. Learn more about Sunrise Industrial Cleaners and our exquisite offerings.

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