How To Make Your Factory Machinery Cleaning Process A Success

May 12, 2022

How To Make Your Factory Machinery Cleaning Process A Success

As a manufacturing facility owner or a construction contractor, you surely understand that cleaning the equipment involved in your business operations is no joke. Needless to say, the typical residential cleaning trick of using a water-detergent mixture to scrub stains has no place in an industrial setting. You simply cannot expect to remove a blob of stubborn grease with a harmless domestic cleaner.

From cleaning chemicals to washing techniques and everything in between, you need to plan every step and subtask to ensure success. Randomly asking employees to scrub machines is worthless and a waste of time. Since time is as precious as money, we, as the providers of high-end industrial cleaners , would recommend that you follow the appropriate machinery cleaning procedures. Not doing the latter would mean you are intentionally putting your facility’s operations and the machines’ longevity at stake.

This blog will systematically discuss what you need to do to ensure that your machinery cleaning process is a success. As apparent from the discussion below, more emphasis will be put on the cleaning products and the techniques.

Investigate The Stains Type

Even when it comes to relatively lenient domestic stains, it is not possible to treat all stains with the same techniques or cleaning chemicals. For example, you can not expect to get rid of greasy oil marks with a soft cleaner used to wipe away food remnants on a dining table.

To be honest, this is still a fairly simple depiction of the type of problems you might face in cleaning industrial and construction machinery. Know that even though degreasers are strong chemicals, you can’t use them to remove tar or concrete chunks on construction machines.

Moreover, you must remember that there is a huge difference between a domestic and an industrial cleaner. The latter is quite harsh and chemically reactive. Thus, using them where they shouldn’t be used may reap negative consequences.

For instance, some degreasers are so strong that they dissolve metals and are resultantly unsuitable for use on soft metals. If you disregard this safety tip, your machines will undergo rapid corrosion and wear. Therefore, you must devote ample time to investigate the type of stains most common in your facility and the endurance abilities of your machine material.

Assemble The Cleaning Chemicals

This step is actually an extension of the previous point. Once you have identified the types of stains most prevalent on your equipment and the chemical-withstanding power of the equipment’s material, the next step is to assemble the right cleaning products. Remember that a particular cleaning product may be suitable for only a specific stain group. Thus, you will need a variety of them:

Concrete Removers

If you own a construction site, you will most likely need a concrete remover to get rid of the stubborn, dried concrete chunks on the equipment and machines.

Tar Removers

Concrete and tar are chemically very different. Hence, you can not use a concrete remover for tar stains. Instead, use a high-quality tar remover.


To remove stubborn grease marks from machine parts and equipment, use a heavy-duty powdered degreaser .

Rust And Hard Water Scale Removers

If your equipment undergoes a lot of beating from the environment and its elements, use a scale and rust remover to restore your machine to good health.


The importance of sanitization and disinfection cannot be emphasized enough in the current era. We suggest you use 12% bleach for this purpose.


Lastly, who doesn’t want their machines to look as good as new to leave a remarkable impression on their clients? For this purpose, you can include a stainless steel and aluminum brightener on your list of cleaning products.

Invest In The Right Equipment And Master The Technique

Besides cleaning chemicals, this is the second most crucial component of the machine cleaning process. Until now, you must have surely guessed that you can not use the typical scrubbing brush or old cloth to clean your machine. Depending upon the size of your business, brainstorm whether you need a pressure washer or a water cannon. Similarly, invest in professionally crafted wash racks specifically designed to clean machines and equipment.

Gather A Cleaning Team

Lastly, pass on the responsibility of the machine cleaning process to a dedicated team of professional cleaners. You can also train your own employees to do the task if it suits you.

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