Factors To Ponder On Before Purchasing Industrial Degreasers

July 21, 2022


Grease stains are nothing like the typical oil marks you find in your home’s kitchen. These are highly insoluble and a pain to get rid of. If you own a manufacturing facility or a factory, you know exactly what we are talking about. Given the stubborn chemical and physical properties of industrial greases, normal cleaning endeavours are never sufficient to eliminate them. No matter how hard you scrub a surface with the best and the most expensive all-purpose cleaner, the grease marks go nowhere. Instead, the soap makes it worse and harder to remove.

So what is the solution? Well, think of it as an illness. Although Tylenol is very good at temporarily controlling various aches, it is not a permanent solution as it does not uproot the main cause of the disease. Besides, it is highly ineffective in reducing severe aches. An all-purpose cleaner bears similar characteristics. While it gets rid of most stains, it leaves the marks of the stains behind. Likewise, it is not effective on industrial and commercial setting stains like grease piles and grime.

So, just like you need special and unique medication and treatment processes for each type of illness, you also require unique cleaning solutions for various stain types. In the case of greasy marks, your ultimate solution is an industrial degreaser.

However, how do you know which type of degreaser is suitable for your facility? As providers of Edmonton’s top-rated industrial cleaners, we are here to help you.

For the purpose of this blog post, we shall discuss the factors you must ponder before purchasing an industrial cleaner.

Your Industrial Environment

They say charity begins at home. So before you tighten your shoelaces and step into the real process of selecting a suitable industrial degreaser, scrutinize your facility and its unique cleaning needs. This aspect lays the foundation of your whole cleaning process. If you do not understand the uniqueness of your industrial needs, how will you appropriately invest in the right cleaning products and equipment? Start by distinguishing the exact category under which your facility falls. Do you own a commercial kitchen or a vehicle factory? The grease marks in a kitchen or restaurant will be chemically and physically different from those in an automobile manufacturing factory. Accordingly, the stringency and obstinacy of these grease marks will also vary.

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Considering this factor will help steer your efforts in the right direction and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Material Compatibility

Even after you do the above, do not rush into the buying process, as the next thing you need to consider is material compatibility.

Where are you going to use the industrial degreasers? Are most of your grease blots on the floor, metallic equipment, or rubber surfaces? One thing we emphasize time and time again is that degreasers are not like soaps or detergents. They are highly concentrated and cause severe corrosion when used on incompatible materials. Thus, you must understand that it is not about simply purchasing one degreaser for all your greasy needs.

Take the time to examine the material type of the surfaces that need to be cleaned and note them down. The latter will allow the supplier to adequately comprehend your distinct needs and recommend the most suitable products.

The Cleaning Product Supplier’s Reliability

Now comes the most important factor. The market is full of traitors and treacherous business. Even if a degreaser has a reliable manufacturer’s label, there is a high chance that the retailer is selling a copy. Thus, instead of looking at the label, investigate the transparency and trustworthiness of the supplier.

You can do this by reading through independent reviews of a supplier on third-party websites. In this respect, Google reviews are usually the most impartial.

Industrial Degreaser Strength

The concentration level of an industrial degreaser is another important factor. While it is good to be devoted, going overboard is not a wise decision either. Why would you invest in a more expensive degreaser when a milder one can do the job? Well, the earlier scrutiny of your facility will help you decide on the appropriate concentration level.

Toxicity, Flammability, And Other Hazards

Lastly, you must consider how much of a health hazard a degreaser can be. Occupational Health and Safety should never be neglected. Once you have determined the severity of the degreasers, invest in the appropriate protective gear for the sake of your employees who will be handling the cleaning process.

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