Top 4 Roles Of Degreasers In An Industrial Building

July 20, 2021

Top 4 Roles Of Degreasers In An Industrial Building

In industrial settings, degreasers play a crucial part in the meticulous job of facility maintenance and cleanliness. When talking about industrial plants, not much regard is given to the aesthetic or appeal of the overall building or structure. However, it is very important for an industrial facility to be properly cleaned regularly, to prevent any safety hazards and major accidents. Hence, it is imperative that industrial cleaning products are chosen carefully.

One of the most useful and key cleaning chemicals used by industrial plants and facilities for keeping premises risk-free and spotless are degreasers. They are mainly used to remove oil, grease, and other contaminants found on metal surfaces. They are also used to clean the surfaces from sticky and greasy substances spilled in industrial sites. Periodic cleaning using the right industrial cleaners makes the job easier, and cost-effective.

Knowing about the different types of industrial degreasers and their uses can help in making an informed decision aboutc selecting the right cleaner according to your requirements .

In this post, we will discuss some key roles a degreaser plays in an industrial facility.

Removes Grease

As its name suggests, a degreaser is typically used for grease removal from different surfaces. The use of grease is involved in many industrial operations. One of the most common uses is to ensure that machinery is kept running smoothly with minimum friction.

Industrial machinery runs long hours in one go. Hence, grease spillage and leaks are pretty common. Industrial degreasers are designed such that they effectively remove stubborn grease from various surfaces or machinery.

In a wash bay, an area where machines are washed, maintenance is not easy due to excessive grease build-up. It can be very expensive to keep your wash bay clean because of strict regulations of the government regarding the safe removal and disposal of wash bay-generated wastewater.

Prevents Slips & Falls

By removing grease and other oily substances from industrial machinery and surfaces, a degreaser reduces the likelihood of injuries caused by slipping. Slippery surfaces can be hazardous in industries with running machinery. Labourers not paying attention to the surface they are walking on can easily slip and incur an injury.

This also holds true to indoor buggies carrying expensive material or equipment. Slipping of the vehicle will not only result in physical harm to the worker but might also have serious implications for the company. The company will have to get the items replaced as well as pay for the injuries incurred by the workers.

Reduces Additional Contamination

A greasy surface attracts dust particles and contaminants, making it more dangerous. It might also become a dwelling place for various disease-causing bacteria and germs. Moreover, with time it becomes harder to remove accumulated dust and debris on a greasy surface.

Effective cleaning chemicals like degreasers have the ability to completely clean the surfaces and reduce the likelihood of additional contaminants gathering on them. It ensures efficient cleaning without using extra elbow grease and saves time that might be wasted on keeping the floor and other surfaces clean. It also avoids downtime for the company, which is one of its greatest advantages.

Increases Machine Lifespan

Excessive grease build-up in machines can affect their functionality and reduce their lifespan. A degreaser is an ideal option for removing excess grease. Since it is specifically designed to combat grease build-up, other industrial cleaning products are not as effective.

Excessive use of grease can be damaging. Therefore, a prescribed volume of grease should be used for different kinds of machinery and their components. Otherwise, excess grease can start to spill out and leak to other parts of the machine.

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