What Are The Six Phases Of Cleaning?

June 9, 2022


Cleaning is an important part of daily life. Whether we are washing our hands, cleaning our kitchen tables at home, or washing our work surfaces, everyone cleans at some point during the day. For many businesses, cleanliness is essential for the health and safety of employees and customers.

Adopting effective cleaning methods is essential to completely remove harmful microorganisms. Following effective cleaning procedures is important to avoid health and safety risks. This completely prevents the accidental spread of microbes and minimizes additional risks. Although some cleaning methods and materials may vary depending on what is being cleaned, there are usually six steps needed to disinfect the contaminated area using cleaning products. You can buy effective cleaning products from a well-known supplier to ensure the quality of your cleanliness.


In the initial phase of cleaning, try to remove the dirt and debris from the dirty area. Simply wipe, sweep or rinse with a disposable towel. The goal is to clear away loose material or debris to prepare the area for the next cleaning phase.


The second cleaning phase includes removing any material, dirt, grease, and debris that the pre-rinsing step could not remove. To do this, you can use hot water and a good quality detergent. This works as a disinfectant. After applying the detergent, wait for some time, then remove the substance with the help of a clean cloth.


This phase includes a thorough cleaning of detergent along with dirty substances left behind in the cleaning phase. A piece of cloth works best to do this job effectively.


The fourth cleaning phase is to disinfect the surface, kill bacteria and other microorganisms. You can do this by using a chemical disinfectant such as an all-purpose cleaner, stain remover or sanitizer. Make sure that before using these products that you read the instructions carefully written on the back of the product bottle.

Final Rinse

This is not a mandatory step as it involves cleaning off the disinfectants you applied before and will depend on the type of disinfectant you have used. Always look for and read the manufacturer’s instructions written on the product.


The final phase of cleaning is to dry the surface. preferably air-drying if possible. A dry cloth can be used if necessary, but in this case, it should be disposable, especially in commercial environments. After using a dry cloth, let it air dry and do not use it again. This is because there is a risk of infection due to the growth of bacteria on the fabric.

Now the surface is completely cleaned.

Benefits Of A Clean Commercial Or Industrial Place

Improves Productivity

Maintaining a structured work environment makes it easier for employees to find the tools and materials they need, which can directly increase productivity. It can also increase the employees’ morale. Employees can be proud of their work if they know that you are using a company’s time and resources to keep the workplace clean, safe and efficient for them.

Keeps Employees Safe

Carefully cleaning the machinery or floors makes your employees feel safe from any harmful chemicals or disinfectants, which would otherwise have caused them an infection. This is one major benefit of cleaning something completely.

Some Safety Factors You Need To Consider While Cleaning

  • If cleaning is done on-site, follow any cleaning schedule or check for cleaning hazards. This allows for efficient and effective cleaning and handling of key areas identified during risk assessments.
  • Use the right product for the cleaning you do. They must be able to kill the harmful microorganisms in the place. To find the right cleaning product, it is recommended to shop from an authentic supplier.
  • Provide sufficient ventilation. This minimizes harmful substances in the air. Smoke can be released when certain chemicals are used and can cause health problems such as asthma in the workplace.

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