Why Is Industrial Cleaning Important In Factories And Plants?

December 15, 2022


Undeniably maintaining a clean and tidy workspace provides a conducive environment for workers and uplifts their morale. However, our fast-paced world and the race to beat a competitor’s financial figures have swayed our entrepreneurs and managers’ attention from this crucial aspect. In an attempt to reap more economic benefits, some companies seem to be neglecting other important things like employee safety and environmental conservation.

Clearly, our focus has once again shifted from corporate social responsibility to monetary benefits despite it being a mandatory aspect. It is obvious that businesses nowadays simply do the minimum to satisfy compliance requirements. In truth, CSR has just become a new form of marketing and branding rather than a way to help people and the planet.

As reputed suppliers of industrial cleaning products, we would like to accentuate the fact that a business that does not care for its employees and the planet can never prosper in the long run. In this regard, the most important and primary way of caring for the stakeholders and the environment is through efficient workspace cleaning.

Although every type of workspace requires cleaning, the cruciality of this task is far higher in an industrial setting like a factory or a plant. Why? Because the employees in such settings regularly work with acute chemicals and massive machinery. Thus, an accidental spill or machine breakdown will compromise employee safety and operation efficiency.

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From the discussion above, it is apparent that the only entity that loses the game, in the end, is the business itself. So, in this blog post, we are going to thoroughly explain why industrial cleaning is important for your factory or plant.

The Importance Of The Right Industrial Cleaner

Before we discuss why industrial cleaning is important for your business, you must understand what primarily determines the success of your industrial cleaning endeavours.

In truth, your industrial cleaning efforts are of no use if you do not utilize compatible and high-quality industrial cleaning products. Sadly, many industrialists spend generously on cleaning but still reap inferior results. Often, the problem is not the cleaning process itself but the lack of attention to the cleaning chemicals’ compatibility with the specific industrial setting.

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Thus, for you to visibly feel the cruciality of proper cleaning through apparent and tangible results, you must invest in the correct industrial cleaners.

Now let us have a look at why industrial cleaning is so crucial.

Reduced Downtime

Machine and equipment downtime is the biggest reason behind year end losses faced by factory and plant owners worldwide. According to Forbes, industrial manufacturers bear a loss of approximately $50 billion per year due to downtime. The same article further explains that inefficient maintenance is the major cause of this loss.

Clearly, there isn’t a need to emphasize that cleaning is the most primal form of maintenance every machine needs from time to time. Undeniably, neglecting machinery and equipment cleanliness results in settling in and accumulation of pollutants and corrosive chemicals. Slowly, these chemicals corrode the machines and lead to accelerated and early wear.

In turn, the latter leads to frequent downtime and repairs, which are quite costly.

Hence, proper industrial cleaning is important to avoid losses resulting from downtime, frequent repairs, and early replacements.

Prolonged Machinery Lifespan

This point is a vital extension of the preceding one. Since inadequate cleaning results in premature wear and tear, the machine will begin to rapidly lose its efficiency and mechanical power. As a result, its deteriorating performance reduces the planned output and necessitates early and unplanned replacement.

However, proper cleaning in conjunction with adequate maintenance will prolong a machine’s lifespan. In turn, the latter defers the replacement time. In the end, you enjoy a better return on your investment.

Diminished Risk Of Accidents

As pointed out earlier in the blog, workspace safety is directly related to cleanliness. When a manufacturing facility is in question, safety and hygiene become even more crucial. Most statistics reveal that the major cause of workspace accidents in industrial settings are:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Being struck by moving machinery
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals like asbestos
  • Fires and explosions

You can easily avoid the above by maintaining a tidy environment. For instance, if oil spills are cleaned on time, the risk of slips and falls will be reduced. Similarly, if volatile chemicals are stored away rather than being left lying on the floor, the risk of inhalation, trips, and accidental fires will be diminished.

Therefore, proper cleaning is absolutely essential for the safety of your employees.

Better Productivity

The attitude of the senior management and the owner is reflected in the behaviour of their employees. If management shows negligence and laziness by not paying attention to cleanliness, the employees will be least worried about the cleanliness of the space as well. They will get the perception that nobody cares about the place, so why should they?

This reduces overall productivity and leads to loss of business. However, maintaining a tidy workspace sends a strong and positive signal to the employees and lifts their enthusiasm.

Elevated Company Image

Lastly, you will be recognized as a socially responsible and compassionate organization in the community without having to spend thousands on CSR marketing. The spread of your employees’ word of mouth will do the job perfectly.

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