Top Uses Of Gel Degreasers

July 15, 2022

Top Uses Of Gel Degreasers

The world understood the meaning and importance of cleanliness during the pandemic better than ever before. The required level of cleanliness, sanitization, and precautionary measures exceed whole new levels.

All of this forced individuals around the world to pay special attention to what they were using as a cleaner, its benefits, efficiency levels, ingredients, and the potential hazards. If you were one of them, you surely came across many ingredients and components that were common in certain types of cleaners. Some products you will find in almost all industrial cleaners and others in all residential cleaners. This is because of their specific and effective cleaning properties.

Pine gel degreasers are one of the most versatile products when it comes to cleaning action.

It is very difficult to border the span where gel pines can be used and where they can’t.

However, the following blog attempts to explain most areas where pine gel degreasers prove to be the best at the job.

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Whether at a corporate office, a retail shop, at home, or in a restaurant, you have to clean the countertops and tables that are used by several people. This means the cleanliness of these places is crucial to make sure that the visitors and users of the area stay healthy and fresh.

So, for cleaning countertops and tables you can use pine gel without any problem or fear of hazards. The gel can be used to remove any food stains from food preparation or eatery surfaces in both commercial and residential kitchens.

Floor Surfaces

Floors are made from different materials and often require special kinds of cleaning materials to keep them clean and in good condition. This means if you have a versatile interior with different types of flooring settings in a building you can’t use a general floor cleaner.

However, a pine gel cleaner can be used on various surfaces to achieve an equally effective result. You can use pine gel degreasers to clean the stains and other contaminants from your floors made of wood, as well as concrete.


Keeping optimal cleaning levels at eateries, especially in commercial kitchens is a hard yet necessary task. Sinks are by far the most used part of any kitchen. Moreover, it is used to clean other products, may it be utensils, vegetables, or meat. This means no one can afford a dirty and unhygienic sink.

Hence, the product you use to clean your sink should be reliable and provenly safe. Pine gel cleaners and degreasers are safe to use on sinks, they help you keep your kitchen sink clean and smell fresh most of the time.

Rubbish Bin

Do you take the garbage out of your office or any commercial space regularly but the trash area still smells bad? This is not because you are leaving the garbage for too long, increasing the frequency of taking the garbage out will not help. Rather the problem is with the trash can that may have small particles left on it that smells bad after rotting.

So what should you do? No need to change your garbage can every now and then, rather get a pine gel degreaser and clean your rubbish can with it. This will make your trash can clean and eradicate all the pungent odors, creating a fresh environment to work in.


Any stains on paintwork will destroy the whole ambiance of your place. Unfortunately, stains left on the paintwork are usually very stubborn and difficult to clean. However, a pine gel cleaner can help you get rid of those stubborn stains from both interior and exterior walls and leave your paintwork looking like new again.

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