Types Of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Agents And Their Uses

May 27, 2022

Types Of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Agents And Their Uses

Cleaning food surfaces is always your first priority. However, cleaning the equipment from the outside, and maintaining a hygienic environment, are also necessary to maintain sanitary conditions in the commercial food industry. We recommend getting all necessary commercial cleaning products from reliable suppliers of cleaning products .

Maintain A Cleaning Schedule

Having a cleaning schedule helps you and your staff to know‌ what to clean, when to clean and how to clean. Some items, such as the dishes and cooking surfaces, require very frequent cleaning. Other parts of a commercial restaurant are left unattended quite often, but they need to be cleaned frequently as well. A cleaning schedule helps your staff to keep things clean. It specifies the duties of the staff members and who is responsible for using which cleaning product.

Types Of Cleaning Agents Used In The Kitchen

There are different types of cleaning agents used in the kitchen for cleaning purposes.


The most secure cleaning specialist used in commercial kitchen cleaning is a detergent. They break down dirt and soil and make cleaning easy. Synthetic detergents are typically made from petroleum products in powder, liquid, gel, or crystal form. It is important to know that detergents are used for routine cleaning when removing stubborn dirt and do not require much effort. These high-quality cleaners are used for deep cleaning when necessary.

Uses Of Detergents

  • Detergents soften the water
  • They absorb the oil spills on the floor
  • Powdered detergents kill weeds and mosses
  • They work in acidic conditions


Degreasers, sometimes referred to as cleaning solvents, are used to remove grease from surfaces such as oven surfaces , countertops, and grill bags. Degreasers break down stubborn particles of oil, grease, and dirt. Commercial areas are relatively busy during the day, so they are exposed to dirt, dust, road dirt, and sludge during the winter. Detergents can remove the visible dirt but harmful chemicals are removed more easily with degreasers.

Methyl alcohol or mineral spirits were widely used in the past as degreasing agents. Most food processors now use non-toxic, smoke-free degreasers in their operations to avoid chemical contamination.

Uses Of Degreasers

  • Cleans floors
  • Solvent-based degreasers clean metal surfaces
  • Removes grease from pots and pans
  • Cleans smaller appliances
  • Used on grills and barbeque racks


Abrasives are widely used in commercial kitchens to thoroughly clean oil stains on floors, pots, and pans. Abrasives are substances or chemicals that rely on friction or scratching to remove dirt from hard surfaces. Abrasives usually have a rough shape that can scratch different areas. Therefore, it should be used with caution on materials.

Uses Of Abrasive Cleaners

  • Whether it’s food from the stove or soapy water in the bathroom, it’s easy to clean stubborn dirt and grease with abrasives
  • Abrasive cleaners provide extra cleaning power to remove dry stains from scratch-resistant surfaces
  • It can be used effectively on many types of surfaces but should be used with caution on surfaces that are prone to scratches
  • Removes a heavy amount of soil
  • Used in window cleaners and silver polishes
  • Acids

    Acid detergents are the most powerful detergents and should be used with caution. If the cleaning agent is not diluted properly, it can be toxic and corrosive to both the cleaning agent and the equipment.

    We often use acidic detergents such as hydrochloric acid to clean drains, toilets, baths, sinks, etc. in commercial buildings. It is also used to kill germs on commercial floors as there are some germs and bacteria that can withstand the strength of strong acids.

    Uses Of Acids

    • Used to remove mineral deposits like scale
    • Dissolves hair and grease
    • Acids with a pH of 16 are used for cleaning tiles and carpets
    • Settles discoloration of metals
    • Removes tarnish and hard water stains from surfaces

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