Common Types Of Commercial Cleaning Products

February 10, 2022

Common Types Of Commercial Cleaning Products

Commercial and industrial cleaning are quite different from the cleaning done in your home. Residential cleaning is not usually dependent on the use of strong cleaning products and equipment. However, commercial cleaning involves a more thorough and deep cleaning process that is only done with professional commercial cleaning products. Moreover, the pandemic situation has made it mandatory for everyone to invest in quality cleaning products and keep their spaces clean all time.

Industrial cleaners play an important role in keeping your commercial space neat and clean. They are hired by industry owners, office owners, and others to ensure that their commercial places are kept clean. As commercial cleaning processes are done on a large-scale, you must opt for the right cleaning products.

Commercial cleaning products come in various types, and each of them serves a different purpose. Knowing these types and their function help you pick the right one for your commercial space. This blog post mentions the top common types of commercial cleaning products.

Strong Alkali Cleaning Products

Strong alkali cleaning products are harsh materials. They have a corrosive nature, which makes them capable of removing rust and corrosion from the surface by dissolving them.

Their organic corroding nature helps dissolve grease, oil, grime, and protein deposits from commercial machines. They contain sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, which are used to kill bacteria and microorganisms as well as dissolve greasy dirt. Therefore, they are most commonly used in commercial kitchens.

Strong Acids

Strong acids are another form of harsh cleaning agent that must be diluted carefully when used. If the user doesn’t dilute it carefully, it can be quite poisonous and dangerous for the skin. Moreover, if used in larger quantities, they can damage the cleaning equipment as well.

Acids are most commonly used in cleaning residential and commercial spaces. Cleaners such as hydrochloric acid are used to clean drainage systems and clean sinks, bathtubs, and similar items. They are also helpful in removing mineral deposits from various areas and rust from different places. They are also capable of removing numerous bacterias and microorganisms.


Most of us use detergents not only for commercial purposes but also for our residential cleaning. They are one of the most common types of cleaning products out there. Such detergents are useful for removing grime from surfaces such as floors, walls, carpets, and windows.

Most detergents are synthetic in nature and come in the form of a powder, liquid, gel, or crystal. They break up the soil and dirt particles which makes it easy for us to wash them off and clean off the surface.

However, detergents are used in routine cleaning, especially in commercial spaces. They are ideal for situations where you don’t require elbow grease to eliminate stubborn dirt. Therefore, you have to use high-grade industrial or commercial cleaners to conduct a more thorough and deep cleaning. They have the properties of both acids and alkali that make them suitable for cleaning purposes.


Abrasive cleaning products are used to rigorously run and clean dirt, grime and other debris from a particular area effectively. They are used to clean floors, carpets, concrete, and other surfaces in commercial areas.

They are also quite effective when it comes to cleaning and must be used with caution. However, know that their high cleaning power might cause scratches on certain materials such as marble, plastic, and stainless steel.


As the name suggests, degreasers clean grease. They are quite effective in cleaning stubborn grime, grease, and oil particles. They are high-cleaning agents that clean harmful chemicals, oil particles, and pathogens from the surface. This makes them ideal to use in commercial kitchens.

There are solvent and water-based degreasers. Both are used in commercial spaces to clean floors, machines, and more. They are one of the most widely used commercial cleaning products in offices, malls, and restaurants.

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