5 Common Car Waxing Mistakes You Should Avoid

June 24, 2021

5 Common Car Waxing Mistakes You Should Avoid

The past year’s events probably meant that most people did not get around in their cars or other vehicles much. Lockdowns and stay-at-home restrictions kept most Canadians at home for a good part of the last 10 to 12 months. This means that keeping your car clean has not been at the top of your agenda since you did not do a lot of driving around. But now that these restrictions have been lifted, you may have to use your car to get to work or school.

Like most people, you want your car to stay clean, so you spend money on car washing. However, people usually don’t pay attention to other car detailing procedures such as waxing and more. However, wax or polishing your vehicle is crucial to give it a final shine and enhance its outlook. It might seem like an easy job, but it’s the most common and surprisingly easy task to get wrong. Using the wrong car detailing products can seriously damage the outlook of your car.

Waxing or polishing, if done wrong or by an inexperienced individual, can damage your car. It can result in marked or scratched paintwork. However, using the proper technique and the right equipment can keep your car looking its best for the long term. Therefore, knowing how to apply luster wax to your car is essential. Finding the time to clean your car can be challenging, so we recommend using high-quality car detailing products to ease the process.

Read this blog to learn about some of the common car waxing mistakes you need to avoid. This way, you can ensure that your car’s paintwork is not ruined with scratches on its body and screen.

Applying Wax Under Direct Sunlight

Applying wax under direct sunlight is not exactly a bright idea. The heat from the sun will dry your wax much faster, making buffing even more difficult. It will also affect the adhesion of the wax to your car’s paint surface. Therefore, to avoid buffing and adhesion issues, you must properly follow the wax labels’ instructions. Wax under a well-shaded area, away from direct sunlight so that your car stays cool before and during application.

Applying Wax On A Wet Surface

If you are waxing your car after a wash, you need to let its surface dry out completely before waxing it. Applying any type of wax to your car when you have even the slightest amount of moisture on your paint will prevent it from evenly bonding with your finish. Just like oil and water, they are not compatible.

Therefore, before the wax application, always allow ample time for your car to dry out. Also, remove water from tight areas, as it may drip down your panels later and stain your car’s surface as you wax.

Using A Dirty Applicator

Most car owners and auto shops usually overlook how they stow and care for their wax applicator sponges. Your applicator becomes covered up due to the build-up of dry wax and gives it a hard, crunchy feel. This can be harmful to your car’s finish because old, dry wax holds unwanted debris that can be abrasive. Always make sure to clean your wax applicator after every session.

You use a detailer spray or mist it with some water and pat it dry on a clean towel before storage. Always check your wax applicator’s surface for any debris that may have clung onto it before every use. Use a spray wax or detailer to prep the pad, massage it until it feels soft and supple, then apply the wax.

Using Poor Quality Wax

There are different types of car waxes to address specific paint conditions. People usually do not pay much attention to the quality or type of wax they apply to their cars. That is why they often don’t get the desired results they want. Therefore, it’s best to consult with your industry’s professionals to ensure you get the right luster wax for your car’s paintwork. Car detailing products, such as wax, are available in both liquid and spray forms for purchase.

Applying A Thick Layer Of Wax

A thick wax layer will not make your car appear shinier and will just be wasteful. In fact, it will only require more effort in buffing, requiring a high degree of finesse and pressure. Too much force on the surface can be harmful to your clear coat and can potentially dent your cars’ panels.

To achieve the best coverage and shine, apply a thin layer of wax in even, circular strokes on one panel at a time. Give it a few minutes to dry to a light haze before buffing. For extra protection, you can simply repeat the steps mentioned above.

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