How To Keep Your Manufacturing Plant Clean

February 16, 2022

How To Keep Your Manufacturing Plant Clean

Manufacturing plant cleanliness has been a matter under focus and discussion even before the outbreak of the global pandemic. However, recent events have thrown the issue under an even sharper knife. Cleanliness overall has become an inevitable characteristic for any facility or business to operate under strict covid protocols.

Facility owners and manufacturers now not only have to maintain the quality and safety standards for the products being manufactured but also have to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Hence, steps to ensure a safe and sterilized working environment are needed to function properly without becoming a covid hotspot. Apart from using the correct industrial cleaning products, there is a need to take care of several other factors to create a safe work environment.

The following blog provides some recommendations on how facility owners and managers can keep their manufacturing plant safe and clean.

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Keep Workspaces Organized

Keeping the workspaces organized is the most important step manufacturers can take to keep their facilities clean. By doing so you are assuring that the workers are working in a safe environment and keeping their tools and equipment where they can be easily found, increasing overall productivity.

One of the highest priority action points in the facility organization is its design. Renovate and manage your facility in a way that everything has a place.

Every employee should know where to find the required equipment before getting to work. This will prevent them from having to touch and come in contact with extra tools and equipment, lowering the chances of germ transmission. Everyone in the facility should be trained to put the tools and equipment back in place before getting off work.

Minimize The Travel Between Workstations

Take time to map out your facility and take a fresh look at the physical layout of your facility. Doing so provides you with the opportunity to shorten the distance employees cover while moving from one plant to another. Reducing cross-traffic is a clever measure to increase workplace safety. It decreases the chances of spills and collisions when vehicles or workers cross paths.

Doing so also decreases the chances of employees putting their tools and equipment in the wrong place and breaking them when moving from one plant to another. Even something as small as wooden pallets can benefit from reduced travel time. This saves them from cracking, spilling, and leaving debris behind while moving from one machine to another.

Stick To A Regular Cleaning Schedule

All other safety measures will go in vain if you don’t keep your facility clean and neat. Create a practical and workable cleaning schedule and ensure its implementation. Moreover, make sure that you are using correct and quality industrial cleaning products to clean your manufacturing plant.

The use of cleaning materials on non-compatible surfaces can do more harm than good. Wrong cleaning products will leave bacteria, dust, dirt, and spots on the surface that you assume to be clean and safe. Therefore, make sure to read the user manual of the products and check their compatibility with the surface you’ll be using them on.

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Moreover, if you are involving your employees in the regular cleaning and maintenance activities of your plant make sure to keep their workplace stocked with quality cleaning products. Keep in mind to use products that are not risky and don’t require any special handling as well. Only then your regular and inclusive cleaning approach will have a positive impact on your manufacturing facility.

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